Flying of dollar, unrest agenda

The dollar is selling at Rs 129 in the market

The dollar is selling at Rs 129 in the market

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The dollar reached the highest level, the dollar market is selling at Rs 129. Shaukat Aziz, the current Finance Minister, brought out the Governor State Bank from outside a special agenda he wanted to take the work for which he was sent to Pakistan the agenda was not complete yet and General Pervez Musharraf stopped the dollar from growing more than 52 rupees while Shaukat Aziz wanted to take him up to Rs 90, State Bank and the Finance Ministry take full steps to protect the currency of the state.

Whenever commodity deficiency starts throughout the world, it is arranged to meet it immediately. In general, during Musharraf’s rule, private jets were expelled from Dubai to the market and the value of rupees remained stable. Mian Nawaz Sharif and now the supervisor government has been severely harsh on the airport and sea routes to bring dollars inside Pakistan. While not taking any money outside the country during all the time, it was not taken. From Ayyan Ali Sharif Sharif is sending dollars in jet jets. The proof of which is the property of Pakistaniis abroad.

The current Governor State Bank also wishes to make his former friend the president of the National Bank, for which he has completed all the paperwork in the Ministry of Finance. All this is being done under a special agenda, while the PPP and PML-N’s Mishra Bhagat in the country the PM does not have the opportunity to invite the fun, government and the relatives of the government protocol on invitations. Because they also have a risk of money besides abroad and abroad if the value of rupees and dollar is expensive then they will also benefit from themselves. But in this regard, the punishment of all the nations will be talked about years of not forty months.

The external debt increased by 800 billion a day and a 600-point decrease in the stock exchange the bank’s bank rate has been above 128 rupees on the directive of the Finance Minister, agenda of reduction in rupee of Pakistan. Ishrat Hussain was started only from the era when a currency note of Rs 5000 was issued. He himself told me that what is going on in 1000 rupees today will match Rs 5000 in 2018. When asked them why it was? So they said that foreign pressure on us is not getting income loans have been taken more and loans taken were noticed on any development work but attracting voters and commissioning of commissions.

The national preferences have been ignored altogether; he said that I was compelled to live in the sea and to be hostile with big crocodiles, as a result of inviting death.The Finance Ministry and the State Bank’s increase in dollar value and the price of rupees is a result of a criminal negligence, which is no one to ask. PML-N, the PPP or Imran Khan neither raised any voice nor hope to get any such sound in the future. Although the governments defend their currency throughout the world, when the US and Europe were angry with them in the Taliban era So there was a note of Rs. 50 thousand and now there is a 1000 rupee note in Afghanistan which is equal to 2000 rupees of Pakistan.

Is Afghanistan’s economy better than Pakistan, there is an industry in agriculture or the Afghan government is implementing all over Afghanistan despite all this, there is no reason if the Afghan currency is strengthened and stabilized the currency of Pakistan is being doubled, and there is definitely no reason for Pakistan. It is the benefit of the outside world, America, Israel, India, investors and political rulers who have taken billions of dollars in Pakistan. The price of the property in the country has increased rapidly by the price of this dollar; fertilizer price has been added to Rs 50 and 100 rupees. Petrol, gas and diesel prices are growing more. It will be more expensive to eat food. This is a conspiracy to bring floods to the storm, under which the people should be fired for streets and street streets. And then Pakistan should be treated as Iraq, Libya but it is surprising that intellectuals, columnists and patriotic politicians have no knowledge about it. Everyone is resting in the sand.

Will the Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar take notice of this matter and a GIT will make the people coming from other departments to the departments in the foreign countries, what salary is serving and how many people have dual citizenship.

Former Governor State Bank Ashraf Mahmood Wathra preferred to go to the hospital instead of coming to Pakistan by friction of alcohol. And Ishaq Dar removed them from the post when the Parliament shook. Ishaq Dar made assets in Dubai, Britain and many countries by converting all his capital dollars before increasing the value of dollars. And by saving their and children’s bank accounts in foreign currencies, they saved their capital, it was not done in India that the British never had to return all the assets of India in such a way. If he used to take money from here, he gave something instead of him Britain brings iron-made railway strips and saves them from the UK and earns money from the treasury for the UK. The one who met her and the laborers were happy, nobody was answerable, but she did not even commit such robbery. Surprisingly, the caretaker’s federal government’s Finance Ministry and the State Bank are not preventing the dollar from going over so much to fulfill the foreign agenda, which is its responsibility. In this context, other institutions need immediate action, otherwise the country is being prepared for the feuds and disadvantages.


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