Fake Accounts Case: Now Turn of Zardari?

Former President Asif Ali Zardari

Former President Asif Ali Zardari

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Yesterday, a report on social media found that in the fake accounts case, Asif Zardari will go to prison soon. It is believed that the JIT, which is against Asif Zardari, will be presented as a documentary box like JIT, against Nawaz Sharif. It is said that evidence was being collected long ago before elections against Asif Ali Zardari, Zardari was also aware of one move; his strategy was that elections should not be delayed and neither should the League of Alliance be formed on one side, the impression is that they are against the N League, so they should have a soft attitude and on the other hand, delay in election should not be accepted because the PPP could face accountability before the election in the event of delays. Zardari’s strategy was successful till elections because any of the NL and the PPP did not want to fight at once.

The story makers say that when Asif Zardari and PPP are present Nawaz Sharif and N League were presiding for saving the government at the same time, investigations against Asif Zardari started and this time attention was taken to find out the mini trail detection, as well as all Sindh Sugar Mills surveillance. And it was tried to find out who receives the name of Zardari finally, four such people were identified as the four. The statements were taken from them and documented evidence was obtained from them. Meanwhile, Zardari was also required for the end of Nawaz Sharif government, Zardari also learned that the surroundings were tight; he started expressing his anger with the NL. Because the N League had left Zardari alone after Sindh operation after saving his government but many ministers also started a series of statements against the PPP’s corruption.

On the other hand, due to the collapse of Zardari’s companion party, he used to be his fascinating opposition. Zardari decided to revenge his anger and eliminate the fascination of the French opposition, he believed that after this stand cases and actions would be kept against them, but it did not happen. These operations slowed down but they did not end. Again, it was advised that Zardari should bring Bilawal forward and go to the background itself, but Zardari never got ready to accept this condition and as it was about to be surrounded by Zardari before the elections, it is happening now. President Zardari is also a big player for many years since he has played a sixth print game in the open field their strategy will be to take 4 months to complete the delay in cases, inquiries and investigations. So that there should be major changes in the court and other administrative positions and conditions are likely to be relatively favorable for Zardari. They will think that politics will be hot if the Kalabagh Dam damages in Sindh and so on, one action against a Sindhi politician will be difficult.

The fact is that both Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are the gods of political ambitions but Imran Khan was contesting from the toughest economical matter or financial scandal to reach people in a very simple way. Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are ahead of Imran Khan’s experience but art is both unaware of the modern style of speech. On Nawaz Sharif and Money laundering and foreign assets on park lane flats, Asif Zardari could not take a clear line today. What is the truth of Zardari on the issue of Sir Palace? No one could be explained in detail, Park Lane Grandpa bought the positions, N League could not sell to its workers. Imran Khan is united in this way as he escaped from dangerous issues like Reham Khan’s book and Sita White. Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari understand such matters without having to pay for their art that problem was underneath the carpet, though it does not happen while Imran blows the dust, it is estimated that the carpet stains. Imran has pushed his political rivals into media and social media in the case of fidelity, illiteracy, cleansing and washing of others, but now he is not able to show the act even when he is in power. And if they do not show performance then the contradiction of the verb and the verb will be sufficient for their fall.

On one side, United Nations under the process of Decriminilazition of Politices and the N League has been made peacefully pursuing this slogan now Zardari and PPP are turning on. Zardari has a Sindh card on one side protesting against Kalabagh dam and on the other hand, it is a sign of the intensity of their N League that will prove to be a red flag for everyone because Nawaz, Zardari’s unity, the extent that the weaknesses are not going to go far away. Asif Zardari, like the first 910 years prisoner, was a young man, confessed his bravery, his ideological opponent Naziami also told him a man. Now they have sugar, heart disease, blood pressure, need to take a walk. And above all, he does not want to be left with the army anymore. They have left anti-establishment politics but their opponents still doubt them they think they are corrupt and want to reach them every time. To see, how is the politician’s rival player, how do Zardari survive?


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