Extreme heat waves could hit the world every year by 2075, report   

The heat wave will occur each year and its intensity will be at its peak until 2075

The heat wave will occur each year and its intensity will be at its peak until 2075

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There are a number of dramatic changes in the climate of the world is growing and deadly heat waves (heat waves) but the terrible increase in the intensity and duration of the 2075′s. He said climate change in a report published in the journal the heat wave that had been seen in the area for 20 years. The heat wave will be so common in the near future will be at its peak will occur every year until 2075 its severity. The new study, 60 percent of the planet Earth heat waves will generally and the effect will be more countries in the Middle East and Africa. The study in the US Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist Michael Wehner and his colleagues have and he says that severe heat waves in the future will be more dangerous than it is today. Experts believe that after their analysis of heat waves will be more severe than the events before, With 60 percent of the earth’s heat temperature can be 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit higher than today, Although not much, but it will have a greater impact on sensitive systems and affected communities, The permanent heat cycle can be deadly for both children and the elderly we have witnessed this last heat wave in Karachi. I do not necessarily write in that way because now we can significantly reduce the emission of green house gases reduce heat and carbon dioxide that will be able to avert possible disaster. The US National Center for Air Research, said experts by the middle of this century we will see significant changes in the weather.


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