EU’s poorest state tries to reduce youth unemployment, Christine Lagarde

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde

MUNICH … News Time

The global financial institution has told European countries with weak economies to take steps to reduce their unemployment rate. The institute has instructed the countries to introduce the reform process to labor market. Christine Lagarde advised the potentially respected economy of the continent Europe, the International Monetary Fund head that they should introduce economic reforms to protect youth from unemployment so that employment opportunities can be created in a fair amount. Christine Lagarde also told these countries that they should begin to introduce graduation to the reform process in their markets to improve the wages.

The countries of the European Monetary Fund were indicated by the European countries, which include Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece. Speaking at a function in Germany, Christine Lagarde said that these countries were a few years ago, which had faced economic aggression. And in comparison to them, Germany and Holland’s economies were stable due to their better economic policies. According to Christine Logard, these countries succeed in changing their weak economic situation so in this way; it will also cause EU blocking more. The economic development of these countries will be a positive change in the Union, as well as in the opposition of public opinion.

Christine Lagarde explained that the continent of Europe’s next generation is still enduring the suffering situation of the recent economic crisis. And if these countries are unable to improve the economic conditions, then poverty can embed them, which will unleash the international economic system. He also said that these countries face a challenge, which will lead to success. Christine Lagarde said that at present, every fourth of the young people in Europe stands at the pace of poverty and the European nation will have to compete against future challenges. Otherwise, it can spread profoundly in this continent. He told the European Union that it also needs time to divide economic prosperity.


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