Egyptians village where the criminals are burnt alive

Sarabium village Ismailia, Egypt

Sarabium village Ismailia, Egypt

Cairo … News Time

In Egypt’s Ismaila governeri, there is a brutal way to punish a criminal in the local tribe. According to this method, a person who is guilty of a crime is a crime burnt when he becomes a crime. The Al Arabia dot net team recently visited ‘Sarabium’ of Ismaila governeri and received information about this cruel law under the tribal system. Surprisingly, despite being extremely serious and brutally punished, people refer to this tribal court. Those who go there are not only Egyptian citizens but foreigners also taking their complaints there. This series has been centuries for centuries. After bringing the suspected suspect there, a bar of iron is kept on its tongue for warming in fire for 15 minutes. If she is innocent then her tongue does not hurt anyone and hot bars are not harmful, and if they are guilty, their tongue burns. After that he flies in front of other people and is buried and burned.

According to, two suspects were present in the team’s presence. In the first case, a person accused of stealing another 5,000 Egyptian pounds on the other. The usual bargain was placed on the language of the accused, but it did not get any problem on which it was declared innocent. The accused of theft demanded forgiveness from him. One such case was stolen, in which the accused was declared guilty and was killed by a cruel sentence. Sheikh Fazal al-Abbadi, a local tribal leader, said serious punishment is a very old, tribal, and breeding way. Several hundred years ago, an elder of his generation started this series. His camel was stolen. She suspected of stealing camels on her two employees, but both of them refused to steal. One night, the elder was told to keep a warm robe on the suspicious person’s language if he is harmful then the accused is guilty and is safe if he is innocent. He did that. This series followed by this series.


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