Echoes Presidential System in Pakistan

Socio-political circles in Pakistan have been echoing the presidential system for some time now

Socio-political circles in Pakistan have been echoing the presidential system for some time now

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The socio-political circles of Pakistan have been echoing the presidential system for some time now. And not accustomed to making decisions, even in our most important strategic matters, those in positions of national leadership make actions, comments and say things that negate national interests and cause them irreparable damage, such as Pervez. Musharraf’s Kargil adventure, the formula offered on the Kashmir issue or statements made about the qualifications of PIA pilots in the current government’s Aviation Minister, about the record of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry or Saqib Nisar’s Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute. Decisions made, these are just a few examples, such decisions and statements are innumerable. We are, in fact, a nation, not a mob, where decisions are made not in the interests of the institutions concerned, consensus and national interest, but on the basis of personal preferences, individual desires and, in general, mobs.

You have often heard Prime Minister Imran Khan say that he wants to create a state like Madinah, or a system like China, or Europe or even Saudi Arabia, but has anyone ever considered these options seriously? Steps taken? Is it considered as a doctor’s prescription to prescribe medication based on the symptoms of the disease, the patient’s medical history, blood pressure, diabetes and other underlying diseases and causes? Or should every incoming patient be given the same medicine as the gifted physicians? Can the same crop be grown in all kinds of land? Or can the same kind of seed be fruitful in every kind of environment? Has a formula system been devised for each region, country and nation, free from the constraints of time and place, geographical, economic, social, political, religious, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, traditions and temperament can be successfully applied whenever and wherever? If that were possible, the United States would have implemented a Western-style free democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, but unfortunately the human psyche and social system have not yet been subject to any self-made formula.

Let us now try to understand the echo of the presidential system in the context of this preamble. The first and most important point in this regard is that whenever there is talk of changing the system of a country, nation or state, it’s simply put; the current system has failed partially or completely. If this failure is partial, then the system needs to be reformed, not changed, and if the total failure is acknowledged, then there are many logical questions. Are created as if the system operators have used all the options required to improve the system? For example, what legislation has been enacted to improve the situation? What did you do to enforce the law? What reforms and steps have been taken to improve the condition of the institutions? If the disease spreads as the medicine progresses, then not only will the system change, but also the authorities who created, run, and maintain this system will leave, because the failure of the system is actually their faulty planning, Indicates incompetence or failure to implement. And this will happen not only through change but also through revolution. A revolution that will not only change this system but also send its marginalized people home, in most cases to an eternal home, such as the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution, or in terms of time and place. The closest thing happened in Afghanistan.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the history of politics, politics, current affairs and international relations. Yes, and for this they cite examples from China and Turkey, but they only look at the history of China and Turkey, the motives, implications and implications of change, and the objective circumstances to fulfill the unfulfilled desire of an individual or an organization. The formula of the presidential system cannot be applied to human societies and societies. Both Turkey and China are inheritors of the world’s greatest empires and states free from the effects of foreign slavery. In contrast to those who are proud of their national identity, culture, traditions and unity, Pakistan is a nascent state free from 100 years of slavery, with a life span of only 70 years, and most of those 70 years are global and local. Opportunistic astrologers have fallen prey to colonialism.

If we talk about Turkey and its current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, unlike Pakistan, Turkey’s elections are not engineered, the roots of democracy there are relatively strong, the change that comes there is the desire of a gunman, the intervention of a judge or a rare royal decree. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, like our leaders, planted in a nursery, or planted in an artificial greenhouse, or in the dark of night, changing the results or through some biased judicial activism. They have not been brought to power, they have not waited for a finger, nor have they stood on crutches. Defeating Turkey’s secular colonialism in its own arena and arena, the military and the judiciary, despite the alliance, democratically elected more than once, came to the assemblies and reached there as a result of the process of government formation and political struggle. Are where they are today. His government did not talk of bringing a presidential system through the back door as a result of a palace conspiracy, but with the support of the people and a two-thirds majority in the people’s elected assembly. And the military generals, officers and courtiers who have obstructed this democratic transformation have been sent not only home but also to jail.

Now compare this role and change with your puppet system and tell honestly whether it brought the country and the nation to a standstill, subjected to the absurd illusions of the real rulers of this country and their court poets. Can any change be a cure for the pain of this country and nation? Or does Pakistan need a team that is consistent in the words and deeds of Turkish leader Najmuddin Erbakan, not artificially transformed, and whose leadership is in the hands of Ghazi Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a man of speech and character, rather than an approved figure? You decide


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