During the Presidential election, ‘no evidence’ of Trump-Russia collusion: Republican leader Mike Conaway

Republican leader Mike Conaway

Republican leader Mike Conaway

Washington … News Time

The House of Intelligence Committee has completed a draft report which has been concluded that during the presidential campaign there was no connection between the Donald Trump and Russia, The result is that White House will be happy but Democrats will be confused. After a year’s investigation, Republican Party member Mike Conaway announced on Monday the committee has closed the interview with the eyewitnesses, And that report will be given to Democrats on Tuesday. Mike Conaway belongs to the Republican Party and is the lead member of the House of Representative’s Committee, while in the 2016 elections; several committees are investigating the issue of Russian intervention. Mike Conaway reviewed several outcome results. Mike Conaway told reporters on Monday that we did not get any evidence of any Nexus. It means that those who say they are not so much read a spy novel. As long as Democrats do not review this report and the Intelligence Committee does not decide which information should be made public, until then it will not be possible for ordinary people. This process can take weeks. The expected Democrats will issue a separate report, which results in a lot of variations.


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