During India’s permanent membership of the Security Council does not deserve nuclear deal with the United States is concerned about: advisor Sartaj Aziz

Pakistan Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz Advisor

Pakistan Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz Advisor

Islamabad … News Time

Adviser Sartaj Aziz said that Pakistan Pakistan Security Council member states, including the most comprehensive reforms in favor of the resolutions of the UN Security Council to oppose India cannot become a permanent member, Indo-US nuclear deal is concerned that will impact on stability in South Asia. Yesterday, the US support for India’s permanent membership of the Security Council and possible civil nuclear agreements with respect to the announcement of the official response to the US-India nuclear cooperation Sartaj Aziz expressed concerns over the political and economic interests. Harmful decision we have the right to protect their interests and oppose discriminatory policies. He said the international community in the fight against terrorism frontline ally. Counter-terrorism cooperation is essential for all countries; Pakistan’s biggest victim of terrorism in the country is also supported from abroad, including terrorism. Sartaj Aziz said the US relationship with Pakistan have looked at the value. US President’s visit to India, agreements and statements are reviewed and India’s full membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group is opposed. He compromised India Express brought to justice those responsible for the attack. Foreign consultants from India and aggressively negotiate the decision to abandon the uncertainty in the region has created a new atmosphere, Pakistan on Kashmir issue at a political, diplomatic and moral support to withdraw from will not.


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