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American President Trump

American President Trump

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US president Trump’s opening committee has begun turning around the wheel. After a few days, Federal Investigation Officers issued issuance of secret information including non-profit organizations, officials, donors, and contractors, including secret information files. It has been said that in the motives of this move, contradictory violations of some laws, money laundering, fraud in election and incorrect statements in front of the Federal Election Commission of the Committee to introduce President Trump and allegedly include allegations of illegal acquisition of extortion from other countries. The committee had spent $ 10.7 billion in donations for President Trum’s election campaign.

Although any of the people associated with the Trump’s election campaign or the Trump Administration, there is certainly no need to increase in the inaugural committee because of their work. Most of the fundraising efforts were taken to the committee and then almost all the donations were spent. The Committee introduced the President Obama had collected the record donations of $ 550 million for this period. Obama’s 2013 2013 committee had collected $ 4 million.

Doublesome doubts about how the committee had provided such a huge amount, started in the summer of 2017, when the committee issued details of its tax return in February next. The New York Times pointed out to some suspicious costs and wrote that the committee has been involved in even more objectionable tasks than collecting 9-digit recovery fund. ABC News reported a report on donations related to donations from Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, especially in donations to the Committee in May. In December it was released that even in the southern district of New York, investigations are being investigated within the committee. SDNY issued a decree orders on Monday.

Rick Gates was asked to join the investigation by special consultant Paul Manafort, a special assistant who was operating a senior computer with Robert Mueller. And in many accusations, Rick Gates is being blamed for consulting with the Special Office and SNDY. He also testified against Paul Manafort in his long term in August while Rick Gates presented his position on this, he said that it may have been providing wrong reporting reports. So that they can steal something from the committee, SNDY will soon bring out facts.

It is clear that the Justice Department has long been investigating against Hamad Zubiri. Hamad Zubiri is suspected that he made Bush’s rule in Bush’s era in the Congress and Senate largely by lobbying. And Bush Jr. had arranged to meet Mr. Bush’s President Brigadier in Florida while Hamad Zubiri is known as the late president of the former president and a former former federal minister. The Sri Lankan, who was under pressure, was accused of the genocide of Tamil Nadu on behalf of a Pakistani minister on behalf of a Pakistani minister; Zuberi has made the huge amount of money available to the United States via Money Laundering. He also laundered huge amounts through the hollow company Avenue Venture, which was set up in a hurry.

Hamad Zubiri, a large politician of Nawab Shah and its leaders directly from various Congress leaders of the main federal minister and by meeting meetings with Vice President Joe Biden, the democratically elected N-League’s democratic government had severely threatened. On any occasion he did not register as a Foreign Labest however, thanksgivingly, the recipients were unaware of the fact that the money has been brought through the US through money laundering. He often used to argue that the US Treasurer has been nominated to make Assistant Secretary. Hamad Zubiri had provided $ 100 million for President Clinton’s campaign for election and foundation, to keep the people lying on different government positions; it was also a good idea to make money by making blackmail or money!


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