Diamond Princess Ships: Great trip turning into a nightmare

The two-week trip to the Diamond Diamond Prince costs $ 5000

The two-week trip to the Diamond Diamond Prince costs $ 5000

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The two-week trip to the Diamond Diamond Princess costs $ 5000. It has to be booked in advance as its 2666 seats are booked fast. The 1045 staff members serve the lives of guests. The traveler remembers him for a lifetime and longs for money again in his pocket. But this time Diamond Prince’s guest might not want to travel again. They will surely remember this journey but as a nightmare.

Diamond Princess, who began traveling from Yokohama on January 20, had to travel around Japan and return on February 4. But on January 25, a passenger landed in Hong Kong after becoming ill and found out a few days later that he was suffering from the Corona virus. The ship then returned to Yokohama and was declared a Marine Quarantine. On February 4, the Japanese Department of Health began inspecting passengers and staff, and since then, Coronavirus has been diagnosed in 218 passengers and crew members. It is the largest number of virus patients in any one location outside China. The sick passengers have been shifted to hospitals in Japan, but no one is allowed to board the ship. They will have to wait until February 19, as doctors say it is important to keep the at-risk patients in quarantine for two weeks to prevent the spread of the virus. Most of the passengers are locked in their cabins, but staff members are still busy serving them. No one knows how many passengers are sick on the plane. If there is anyone else, the staff members who care about them are most at risk. So far at least 15 staff members have been infected with the virus.

Passengers with thousands of dollars onboard were kept in separate cabins, but staff did not have the facility. One or two members share a cabin and in case one gets sick the other is less likely to survive. An Indian staff member, Sonali Thakur, told CNN over Skype that two days ago he and his roommate suffered fever, cough and headaches. His supervisor told him to rest and he has been in isolation ever since. They said they couldn’t eat and were terrified. They have been tested, but the results take several days. Sonali said his colleagues were providing food to all passengers and some of them may be ill. Someone on staff can infect others after being infected with a virus because everyone is sitting at one place and eating. The number of Indian workers on the Diamond Princess staff is 160. Many of them, in videos shared on social media, appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take steps to repatriate them so they can avoid the virus.


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