Derbent’s most ancient city of Russia

Derbent's most ancient city of Russia

Derbent’s most ancient city of Russia

Derbent, Russia … News Time

This city of Derbent is located between the Black and Caspian Seas and the Caucasus Mountain standing on the edge of Europe and Asia. We can also say that a large salt lake between Iran and Russia. The Volga River fills its water with friction and meets regional needs, as well as beauty and beauty. It is clear that the Volga River is the largest piece of water in the world, which has infiltrated the inside of the drug. The ancient and historic city of Derbent lies on the same seam.

* Where did Derbent’s word come from?

This is actually derived from ancient Persian word Darband, which means: Closed doors. In the past, there were mountains of this style on the sea that looked like it was standing in front of a closed door. And chilling the sea is warning that if you come, you are not welcome. In such a legendary way here, as a door locker, it was told that your limit and rule is enough.

* Historic significance: However, ancient and historic history of this past, Derbent, is considered to be the ancient city of Russia and is acknowledged as the eighth century BC. This city has a great historical significance. Due to this most important location, ownership of this city continued to change as well as the date passed. Sometimes it was under the influence of the Persia, the Arabs ruled it and sometimes occupied Mongol. So Timur Lang’s forces took control of it, Shirvanshahs also ruled it for a long time, But they also made many plans for the development and prosperity of the city and also made a big struggle. At the same time, the Persians and the emperors of the Persians, and the rulers also did great things to make this city unusual, Maybe that’s why this city is still alive in history.

* 19th Century: Then, in the 19th century, the ancient and Shan Shan city of the past came out of the hands of the Iranians and came to the hands of the Russians. This transition of values ​​came into existence under the 1813 Gulistan agreement.

* Exquisite History: This Derbent is not a minor city, but its history covers at least 5000 years, That is why it is called Russia’s oldest city and is acknowledged. It is clear that the city of Derbent is considered to be the most southern city of Russia and the second most important city of Dagestan. This wonderful and exciting town of Derbent, which used to have a small township of the Bronze Age in ancient times, Later Medieval Europe was counted in the great cities of the Middle East. The city developed that the world was stuck to it. It is said that this town used to be a great citizen (Arbin) from the beginning. It is located in a narrow seafront field with a width of less than 3 kilometers. There are also defensive wooden walls which have been far away from some 40 km in the Caucasus mountains.

* An unprecedented location and the source of income: The Derbent position in the entire Caucasus region is great among the Caspian Seas and the mountains. Due to this, Derbent’s rulers got the position to control the traffic passing between Europe and the Middle East. And also used to receive levy tax on commercial caravan passengers. History of Derbent states that it was very beloved by many rulers due to its location. This city has been of great significance since the beginning. This new and modern name of this city was given in the sixth century CE when the city was liberated and this important work was done by the Sacrific rulers of Persia.

* Defense Phones:

The walls of Derbent’s Twin Stone, which are spread from the mountains to the sea, were built in the first round. These walls are 12 meters high and 3 meters wide and between 300 and 400 meters are between them. Derbent’s ancient city was built between these two walls. But everything outside of the walls or the walls is new and modern. There is also a fort named Naryn-Kala, situated above the hill that looks hanging over the city. This defensive fort is located in the defensive construction center or town.

* Arabian dominated: 654 came under the Derbent Arabs and he named him the door of the door. The gate of the gate, which can be gauged the importance of this city. These Arabs converted this city into one of the most important administrative centers and also propagated Islam and published it, which encouraged Islam here. In this period mosques were built and mass mosques were also built in large numbers.

* Derbent population:

Derbent was the largest city in the 9th Century CE, with more than 50,000 population. After the Arabs, the region became increasingly influenced by the Americans who stabilized the strong and stable kingdom there, which remained until the 13th century. After which the ancient and warlords Mongols occupied the region in the beginning of this century.

* Governance Change: History about Derbent’s fate also made a big joke with him, History is surprised that the ruler of this city changed in many centuries after that, and this city came under the control of different people and people. At one time this city was under control of the Shirvanshahs kings, which was a modern kingdom of Azerbaijan. They were called Shirvanshahs. It was his address and also the title. Apart from this, Iranians on Derbent also ruled the Ottoman rulers, and they also developed the city in their own respect. And he made a strong and stable city for the coming times, which he ruled with great glory and honor. Then in the 19th century, Derbent joined the Russian kingdom with large parts of Dagestan on the end of the war of Russia and Persia.

* Today’s Derbent: Today’s Derbent has become a modern city, its deficit defects and the remains of ruins and ruins of ancient times are attractive to tourists around the world. Who come here to see them with great interest from countries around the world. Protective bases built on those defense flights are still underway. These mariners are also grateful and they safeguard the defense deficit.

* Caliph Haroon ur Rasheed and Derbent: It is said that some of the famous Abbasi caliphs, Caliph Haroon ur Rasheed, also lived in this great historical city, He made the city a center of art and trade and trade. He was always a madman, was the promotion of knowledge and he was a great service of knowledge and literature around the world. According to the Arab historians, the population of Derbent was approximately 50000 in the 9th century CE and made the capital of Derbent Emirates after the fall of Arabs in the 10th century AD. But since they often lived up to their neighboring Christian states, So there was a time in history when his neighbor Christian State Sarir got the opportunity to interfere with his politics, Despite this, Emirates continued to travel to achieve its development and prosperity by giving the defeat of its competitors. This is the 1239 CE when the Mongols had been plundered in that region. In the 14th century Timory was occupied by Derbent.

* Shirvanshahs ‘covenant of the roots: Shirvanshahs’ covenant of the roots remained on the region from 861 to 1538. This was probably the longest period of Islamic world that was seen by this region or its ancient historical city. This covenant was unmatched by its cultural works and geopolitical research and research. The King of Shirvanshahs called Shirvanshahs Shah. They attacked the Derbend many times from the time of the 18th SHAH FARIDOTH EAST and tried to conquer the city, Initially they could not succeed, but it also took time when it finally succeeded. The Governor was appointed to rule over this city, with the time passed, the governors of the city also changed. And this city was once again buried in the dust.

* 21th Shrvanshahs King’s Works: Then 21th Shirvanshahs King conquered this city, But later the Northern Ghost Groans took him away from him and the fate of this city was once again lost in darkness.

* Abraham’s First Testament: After Timor Lang Abraham first was the 33th Shirvan King, He ruled well on Shirvan and declared it as an independent state. Ibrahim First changed the fate of Shirvan. He also increased the limits of his state. The same King conquered Derbend’s city in 1437. There is no doubt that Shirvans also established Derbend City on political basis and also made many good decisions for him, These were the best policies of these shore, because the fate of this city changed itself. But later in the 16th century, the King of Shirvan conquered Shah Ismail of the Safavi Empire. When Shah Ismail gave full defeat to Shirvans, he did not even leave Derbend, and this great historical city was also occupied by him.

* Next story: Derbend remained in occupation of the Iranian, but at the same time, it also went on to occupy the Ottoman Turks. Like the Battle of Torches in 1583, when Istanbul’s agreement was reached, then even when the Russians captured the city and the Iranian occupy Dagestan. The Russians had contracted 1735 after the advent of 1722-23, called the Treaty of Ganja. This agreement was done between the Royal Russia and Safavid Iran. Under this, the city of Derbent had to return to Iran. Then in 1747, Derbent’s city became Derbent Khanate’s capital. In 1796 the Russian adventures of Persian adventures led the general leadership led by Rayon Valley Zubu, But they had to be veiled due to the internal political problems, which resulted in this city once again to the Persians.

* Derbent population: In 1886 the Derbent majority of the population in the population was Russians which were 58.9% of the population. The number of Iranian people was 8,994 – these people were second in the city.

* Location and geography: The modern Derbent city is built on the western edges of the Sea Caspian. Its river flows river Robas on the banks of Tabasaren mountains. There is also a public transport in this modern city. There is also a port of Derbent’s city. There is also a railway system, which runs trains to Baku in the south and can also be accessed via road to Baku. In the north of this city, Derbent, an unusual monument is also built which is called Kirk-lar. This memorable is actually made in the remembrance of 40 heroes who had sacrificed their lives for protecting Dagestan against the Arab invaders against the invaders’ invasion. The people and tourists here visit this memorable and pay tribute to these heroes. Derbent’s south is a 50-mile long Caucasian wall designed to protect the intensity of marine hills and its unusual storms. It is also called the wall of Alexander. He has closed the narrow water stream with the Caspian Sea’s fabrics. When the wall was right, its height was 9 meters or 29 feet, and its thickness was 3 meters or 10 feet. It has fabulous doors and there are numerous watch towers on the wall which protect Iran’s borders.

* Business and Trade: The city of Derbent is a big global center of trade and business whose contacts are also from major countries and historical cities around the world. In this city uniquely every kind of needy machines are made, Food, textile, fishing and various construction materials are also provided from the same historical city. There is also a leaflet leaflet and in many countries of the world there is plenty of clothes made. The Wood industry is also famous here. The city’s wood is liked very much, It includes a great variety of and rare woods with built-in houses that are very good and strong. Apart from these interesting things, there is another speciality in this city, That city is also a big center of Russian brandy manufacture. There is also a good education system here. There is also a university in this city, as well as numerous technical schools children and children here can get excellent education and adhere to any educational institution around the world. People here are very happy, happy to help others. Welcome to the guests who come to you, host them in every way. Guests understand the reason for happiness and happiness for themselves. There is a great museum in Derbent, and its magnificent and Hussein mountains are unique and capable, The city’s beaches have no answers, perhaps this city attracts tourists around the world. And they also come here to see the city and learn about past stories and enjoy them.


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