Democratic presidential candidates Kamala Harris who have underlying support Obama

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris

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It is debating in US political circles that former President Barack Obama’s supporters in the presidential election of a leading member of the Democratic Party Kamala Harris in the 2020 presidential election are undermined. Although former President Obama did not decide for the support of a candidate, it might be possible to support one of the 20 candidates. ‘Fox News’ network reported in his report that former President Barack Obama had promised to not support any candidate and be neutral in the coming presidential elections.

Former Democratic Member Joe Biden said in a statement that I advised Barack Obama that he would not support any candidate in the upcoming presidential election and keep himself neutral. Laura Angram, host of the ‘Fox News’ flagship program, The Angraham Anagal, has argued that former President Barack Obama has been dealing with but the passionate support of Kamala Harris. Barack Obama supports secret Kamala Harris in secret. If nobody gets convinced, he should know Kamla and his team, which is Obama’s support.

Woman journalist says more that Kamala Harris will try to make impossible to become president while trying to controversy with Jobeddin, another expected candidate of his party is being tried. He said Kamala could say and do anything for his success. He can also be accused of wicked and brutal racism on Joe Biden.


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