Cuba does not need gifts from the “empire” Cuban people about the risk of Heart attack sweet words: Fidel Castro

Communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro

Communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro

HAVANA … News Time

Communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro said, breaking the silence about their country visiting Obama a letter in a newspaper criticizing the government. He does not need a gift by Empire. That they may have a heart of Cuba termed Obama’s understanding of words sweet words. President Obama should bury the remains of the Cold War in the Americas that was said. Fidel Castro and a half thousand words based on the letters of the Bay of Pig invasion reminded its readers in 1961the CIA-backed forces of the dissident Cuban citizens had tried to overthrow the government of Cuba. His low opinion not reflect the fact that the Obama and try to establish the theories about Cuban politics. The 25 immigrants arrived on the island from Cuba to Florida.


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