Coronavirus: spreads to 195 countries, killing 16553 people

Corona death toll rises to 16,553

Corona death toll rises to 16,553

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The Coronavirus spreads to 195 countries. After China and Italy, the United States came third in the victims of Corona; the number of Corona deaths worldwide was 16553. The entire world moved into lockdown because of the Coronavirus. About two billion people were imprisoned in their homes. The death toll in 195 countries increased to 16,553. So far, more than 381,000 people have been infected with the Coronavirus. Italy is the most affected; with the death toll reaching 6078 the highest number of deaths was recorded in Italy in the last 24 hours, where more than 602 people died of the virus. After which the total death toll in Italy has reached 6078, 4790 new cases have been reported, followed by the number of affected patients in Italy has reached 63928.

The number of people killed by the Coronavirus in the United States has risen to 582 while the number of victims is 46,145. Spain has killed 2311 people with the Coronavirus; the number of infected patients has reached 33089. The Coronavirus kills 1812 people in Iran; the number of infected patients has increased to 23049.  In the UK, 54 more victims of the virus died, followed by 335 in the UK. It may be recalled that the number of coronavirus patients in the UK has increased to 6,650 in the last 24 hours after 967 new cases emerged. After 9 deaths in China, the death toll has risen to 3270, 39 new cases have been reported. The death toll is 120 in South Korea, 120 in Switzerland, 213 in the Netherlands, 21 in Austria, 88 in Belgium, 10 in Norway, 27 in Sweden and 24 in Denmark.

According to the global media, 24 deaths were recorded in Canada, 23 in Portugal, 14 in Malaysia, 34 in Brazil, 37 in Turkey, one in Israel, 6 in Ireland, 8 in Poland and 17 in Greece. In Germany, the death toll was 116, with 13 deaths in Belgium, 9 in Portugal, 8 in the Philippines, 4 in Ecuador and Malaysia, 3 in Norway and Iraq. The death toll from the Coronavirus in Japan has risen to 46 while the number of victims has risen to 1790. Curfew has been announced in Saudi Arabia for 21 days to protect against the Coronavirus. Saudi commander King Salman bin Abdulaziz issued orders.  Saudi Arabia has revealed 562 patients with the Coronavirus. In India, 10 people have been killed by the Coronavirus. The number of victims of the Coronavirus has reached 945 in Israel. Coronavirus caused by the deadly outbreak so far in Pakistan 6, Corona: The number of victims in Pakistan has increased to 875. Indonesia has killed 49 people, two in Singapore, five in Peru, two in Bahrain, 33 in the Philippines, one in Russia, 19 in Egypt and four in Hong Kong. Four in Lebanon, 23 in Iraq, one in Croatia, 4 in Mexico, 3 in Bulgaria, 4 in Argentina, two in Taiwan, two in the United Arab Emirates, 17 in Hungary, seven in Tunisia and three in U.K. , Three people have been killed.


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