Coronavirus:  Global situation and deaths

 Coronavirus death toll rises to 21,293 worldwide

Coronavirus death toll rises to 21,293 worldwide

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Coronavirus from China is undergoing worldwide outbreaks; the virus has spread to more than 196 countries since the outbreak so far the number of Coronavirus deaths worldwide has increased to 21293 while the number of affected people is more than 462000. Worldwide there are more than 19,000 Coronervirus cases. In China, four more deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours, after which the total number of deaths has risen to 3281 while the number of Corona-infected patients has increased to 81218. Italy continues to be number one, once again, killing 743 people in a single day, where 7503 people have died due to the aroma virus. Spain’s Coronavirus has caused 738 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the total death toll in Spain to 3647, with 47610 affected patients so far. Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo has also been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. According to the Spanish government, Carmen Calvo’s tests were performed twice, which came to Positives and his condition is quite good at the moment.

The total number of cases has risen to 934 in Thailand after a further 107 were infected. The death toll in France is 1,331 and the number of victims is 2,300. In the United States, 222 people were killed in a single day due to the deadly virus, while the total number of deaths was 1031 and the number of victims increased to more than 65,000. In Germany, the death toll is 206 and the number of victims is 32991. 465 people in the UK and 153 more in Switzerland died of the Coronavirus. The death toll of 143 more Coronavirus patients in Iran has risen to 2077. The affected population is 24,811 and more than 9050 patients have recovered. The number of Coronavirus certified patients in Pakistan is 1082 while 8 people have died. The virus was confirmed in 413 cases in Sindh province, 323 in Punjab, 119 in Balochistan, 121 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 84 in Islamabad in Gilgit-Baltistan and 2 in Azad Kashmir.

In addition, the Coronavirus killed 63 people in the Netherlands and 34 in Belgium, while in Sweden the death toll from the Coronavirus has risen to 40. Malaysia’s Corona virus kills 17 the death toll from the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia has doubled and the number of victims has increased to 900. The death toll in South Korea is 120, Indonesia 55, Brazil 46, Turkey 44, and India 12 the death toll in Japan is 43 and the victims are 1,200. Russia has confirmed 163 more Coronavirus cases, bringing the number of virus-infected people to 658 in Russia.


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