Consider the imposing mosque tax in Germany

Tax aims to make Masoodad free from foreign aid and free them

Tax aims to make Masoodad free from foreign aid and free them

Berlin … News Time

The German government is considering the project of Mosque tax on Muslims on the basis of church tax. The purpose of this tax is to make  free from foreign assistance and free them. Some Muslim leaders in Germany are his supporters. Parliamentarians of Germany’s Allied Government on December 26 have said that mosque-based mosques are being considered on the Muslims of the country. It is believed that German Christians are already paying church tax.

Thorsten Frei told German newspaper Deutsche Welle, a member of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s political party Christian Democratic Party CDU the mosque tax is an important step that will enable Islam in Germany to come out of foreign financial dependence. The church tax in Germany is received from the Christian Catholics and Protestants Christians so that the needs of the church can be fulfilled. It taxis the tax state and then it is handed over to the religious authorities. Due to no such system, the costs of mosques are completed in Germany. In some cases foreign organizations and governments also fund funding for mosques which also produces concerns of potentially based ideology in Germany. For example, concerns about the influence of the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs in German are expressed. This organization actually works with the Turkish government funding.

A member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), a member of the German Allied Government, has also supported that religion can work more freely in Germany with the help of Mosque Tax. Supervisor of the SPD’s internal policy Burkhard Lischka also agreed that it is a matter of debate. When German newspaper Deutsche Welle made a progressive mosque in Berlin, from Serran Ates, who asked about the proposed tax, he said, in the future, the Muslim community will have to bear the costs of its own to fulfill their needs.

Apart from Germany, many other European states also receive church taxes to fulfill the costs of the Catholic and Protestants Church. It is also objected to the recovery of this tax that it is essentially received from Christians acting on religion, then since the tax government receives it, the line between the state and the church becomes unclear.


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