Conscience is clear, no offense, Suspended Brazilian woman President defends at Senate

Suspended  of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

Suspended of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

Brasilia … News Time

Suspended  of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff  has been rejected as the self-imposed financial corruption charges baseless. Making a statement in Brazil’s Senate during the impeachment proceedings against Dilma Rousseff is being made false accusations of financial corruption that repeated this stance. He termed his suspension and rebellion against impeachment proceedings his opponents accused him of wanting to harm Brazil’s democracy. Dilma Rousseff, the first woman elected president of Brazil, accused of illegal lending it to the government to cover the budget deficit. Brazil’s parliament approved to start impeachment proceedings to determine the truth of the allegations against Dilma Rousseff last month after which he was suspended from office. Brazil’s Senate began impeachment proceedings against Dilma Rousseff last week on the fourth day of action on Monday suspended president made his statement. Dilma Rousseff in his statement urged the senators to respect democratic values ​​and the work of their elected government. Last week, former Finance Minister Nelson Henrique Barbosa during the impeachment proceedings Rio de Janeiro State University and was a law professor in the Senate in support of suspended President Ricardo and argued that Dilma Rousseff will not violate any law. The senators had heard the position of opponents of Dilma Rousseff who had requested the Senate to declare him unfit to blame for the recent recession Brazil economic policies of the suspended president. After hearing all the parties statements and review the evidence to decide the future of Brazil Dilma Rousseff senators opinion through polls. Officials have to declare impeachment proceedings permanently ineligible to succeed President Dilma Rousseff if the Senate votes against at least 54 of the 81 members. Dilma Rousseff’s term was completed in 2018 and succeeded his impeachment proceedings against the interim president shall perform the duties to Michael tumor elections.


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