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Christian community celebrates the birth of Christmas festival around the world on December 25, in memory of the birth of Hazrat 'Isa Jesus (a.s.)

Christian community celebrates the birth of Christmas festival around the world on December 25, in memory of the birth of Hazrat ‘Isa Jesus (a.s.)

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Christian community celebrates the birth of Christmas festival around the world on December 25, in memory of the birth of Hazrat ‘Isa Jesus (a.s.).But Christmas-related events begin when the month of December starts. Christmas celebrations include Christmas tree decorations and sharing gifts in Santa Claus’s children sharing candle light service and caring for Christmas special carriers are important. The chain of sending a Christmas card begins in the middle of November, which is considered and liked as a good tradition. A part from this, the series of sending Christmas cakes starts from December 16 to New York.

The Christmas Tray is considered to be the beginning of the Christmas season and life of the world, including North America, Germany, Europe and Pakistan. Christmas tree is eukarya Plants. Its real homeland is Europe and it flourishes in a cold environment. This spring is considered as a symbol of prosperity because it is also full of winter season. Reverend P. Shahid Meraj, Hazrat ‘Isa Jesus (a.s.). Edible spring trees were used on winter festivals before birth, as it was considered as symbol of tree life. In the ancient times people used to hang the branches of their trees at the doors of their homes. By doing this, outbreaking souls will come to shelter their homes. With whom luck will also enter their homes. The tradition of religion associated with religion in Germany and Britain is more than 500 years old. It started from Germany, and later this option was adopted in other European countries.

The first Christmas tray in the UK Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert decorated in the Windsor palace in 1841. He decorated candles and candles in the tree, and after that other rich people of the country followed him. In 1850, the great novelist, Charles Dickens, made Christmas toys decorated with small toys and fruits. The first Christmas tray in America was decorated in 1830, which was settled by Germany’s residents in the building to collect donkeys for a church. Initially, the American people opposed this ritual, but by 1890, this ritual was popular in the United States.

 European people decorate small Christmas trays with no height of more than 4 feet, and the ceiling of the ceiling room in the US is up to the ceiling. Angel’s icons, birds and stars are featured on Christmas tree in Poland. The Christmas tree is decorated with wooden colored toy toys and animals in Sweden. The Christmas tree in Denmark is decorated with national floral bells of ice shells and heart-shaped ballons.

Paper made by paper wings and lanterns in Japan creates a Christmas tree. The Christmas Tree of Czech Slovakia is decorated with spider and herd because there is a symbol of spider and its heritage. The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree in Pakistan has become popular and every Christian house and a Christmas event are decorated with a Christmas tree decorated. It is especially important for kids to decorate the Christmas tree. Churches include decorating the church in the tradition of Christmas and lighting the houses in the ceiling and churches. The Gospel indicates that some wise scholars reached the birth of Lord Jesus Christ in Bethlehem in the guidance of the Lord on the birth of the Lord Jesus, and the young child received Jesus’ retirement.

Christmas families have children’s gifts on December 24 nights in Christian families and children are also given cash because Christmas means sharing happiness. Gifts are also distributed in poor and deserving Christians on this occasion. When Christmas is considered as Santa Claus’s imagination, then the heat of love in the severe cold of December seems to be feeling. Today the people who know the name of Santa Claus, their original name St. Nicholas were born in 271 and were born in a very rich man’s house in a coastal town of Turkey. In his childhood his parents died. St. Nicholas was pregnant with childhood. He found that his neighbor was suffering from serious financial problems and his three daughters were not allowed to get married. So they quietly helped them and their three daughters got married. St. Nicholas Roman was the youngest bishops in the history of Catholic Church. You used to love children very much. Roman Catholic Church declared them as a regular Saint, and their daily death is celebrated on December 6. On this day, gift gifts are given to children especially. At this time 400 in England, 300 in Belgian and 60 churches in Rome are named Saint Nicholas. The church of his creature reached Dutch via Dutch sailors, and now Christmas Fathers and Santa Claus are the two names of the personality representing the same person. Christmas candle is a crucial part of the Christmas traditions. It offers the concept of candle light. The Candle Light Worship 25 is held on Sunday before the sun and it is hour worship. There are three parts of this worship. In the first section the prophecies of Prophets and in the second part are sacred songs of the Psalm descended on Hazrat Dawood (A.S). The Christmas-specific cake is called H-palmp. The Christmas Worship of Churches begins from the first Sunday of December. Churches are decorated well. Churches begin worshiping at 11 o’clock on December 24 and at 12 am, Christmas congratulations begin. That Night’s Christmas moon is night. People singing out in groups where all Christians are settled and let’s go to every house in singing and congratulate Christmas. On this occasion, guests are encouraged by dry fruit.

Women and children prepare for Christmas well; women and girls take care of hands and wear bangles. Kids make new clothes for themselves. Lunch is cooked in homes. Dry fruits are essential components of Christmas foods. Some people specially prepare cakes on the Christmas occasion. Apart from this, Biryani qurmah and Kabab are considered to be the special dishes of that day. Apart from this, dishes are also prepared regarding local civilization and culture. Christmas preparations reach their point of view by night of December 24 and night-night night service is arranged.

There are two big professions in the Christian community, a Roman Catholic and the second Protestant. Their beliefs do not primarily have any significant difference, except for a few things which are emphasized in the Roman Catholic Church but are not given in Protestants. The Roman Catholic Church is controlled by Rome, while the First Protestant Church was controlled by England. The Church of Christians in Pakistan is called the Church of Pakistan, which began to be built in 1877 and completed January 25, 1887.


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