Chinese’s People withdraw from religious: Chinese president’s warning   

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Beijing … News Time

If Pakistan is China’s long and devoted friend, but his ideas about religion and policy in Pakistan is going to be very unhappy. After imposing such restrictions on Muslims in the southwestern part of the country ultimately, the Chinese president also told that they withdraw from Religion in China living in clear, Muslims the message was issued stern warning while, has been especially. The Indian Express reported that President Xi Jinping warned in a speech at the National Work Conference on Religion People protect themselves from external religious influences, particularly Islamic extremists effects and severe condemnation of, Especially Xinjiang abandoned following the Muslim religion living in the province will continue to adhere to Marxist atheism policy of the Chinese state. Xinjiang province bordering China and Pakistan borders by the Chinese government against Muslims living there have been several serious steps before. Wearing religious clothing in Xinjiang province, beard, fasting, prayers measures such as restrictions on payments and Halal food have been presented. Other leaders of the ruling Communist Party said in support of President it will remain on Halal food in China because it is the cause of promoting religious divide. Chinese state is struggling to maintain its identity as secular, and this effort is being made to all religions, especially Islam dangerous for the Chinese society and culture. Xinjiang is part of that effort, the Uyghurs restrictions on Muslims in the province, the warning to the highest level of giving to religion and secularism has emerged for the first time.


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