Chinese President meets the Czech Republic President, EU, Eastern and Central Europe to discuss relations

China's President Xi Jinping and President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman

China’s President Xi Jinping and President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman

Summer … News Time      

China’s President Xi Jinping discussed his Czech counterpart exchanged views on domestic and international affairs at the residence of President Milos Zeman. During the meeting the two leaders discussed bilateral agreements of 2 hours, China, discussed the relationship between the EU and Eastern Europe. The meeting took place at the Czech president’s summer residence Czech president a warm welcome to the Chinese president. Chinese President discussed relations with China during his meeting with Czech and European he said that relations between China and Prague are always passionate; it established diplomatic relations over the last 6 decades, despite global changes and vicissitudes. President Xi Jinping stressed that the high level of relations between the two countries. However, increased conversion level of public relations practice in recent years and the results of these relationships are recovered quickly. He said the two countries last year signed a memorandum of understanding on the project to act jointly on the ballot and road projects that are a solid foundation for future relations. It is the responsibility them to rebuild their long-term friendship, he said. The president of the Czech Republic said his country attaches great importance to relations with China and gives priority to enhancing relations and cooperation with China.


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