China’s Tiangong-1 space station will begun fall from the Sky

China named its space station “Tiangong-1”

China named its space station “Tiangong-1”

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In human nature, it involves expanding its scope of reach to the universe’s unlimited depths, the thought of giving people the opportunity to develop, also scared in the mind that no accident occurs. And, in the same way, were American scientists in 1960, which plan to find life on the moon and other planets. It was very important to properly test some things before performing this task. The first thing was that we could be able to have a lot of rocket-making rockets that we should take humans into the deepest depths of space. Today, man has succeeded in making rockets, through which it can travel in space, But despite this, we are in the same effort to give the rocket so much innovation that we are able to travel at the speed of light. After preparing a rocket, American scientists went out of the ground environment and began to work for finding a new world, and therefore the experts developed satellite to go into space, Also called Space Station, this work also started by American experts. The US travels 300 km from the ground to the “International Space Station”, today scientists are doing many experiments. Making space stations and experimenting in space is not limited to US and Russia only, rather, it was spreading to other countries, including China, like other scientific experiences.

Seeing other countries, China also tried to experiment by sending space stations in space and in 2011, in order to send its space station around the ground and on September 29, 2011, the first part of this space station was sent to space, China kept its space station named “Tiangong”,It is a Chinese word, which means “heavenly palace”.The first part of Chinese space station was sent on September 29, 2011, was Tiangong-1 ‘And then on September 10, 2016, “Tiangong-11″ was also sent to space from China. The Chinese astronomers were also sent to the space after the first part of the station, In these astronomers, “Liu Yang” received the honor of being the first Chinese woman in this space station, but it is often said that “bad news is not told by anyone”, so some of the same situation in China Also happened with the station. Experiments were made in this station from 2011 to 2016, but in mid-mid-2016, unfortunately China lost control of this heavenly palace, and now this station has no handle, but China has informed the United Nations about this. Since 2016, the status of this station is getting worse, and the attractive graduation of the Earth is pulling it towards itself. Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics’s astronomer Dr Jonathan McDowell says his princess is now less than 300 kilometers, and this conviction is going towards the environment, it is clear that in the metaphysical term, and there is a location in the satellite of Puri, where it is closer to the Earth. Dr. Jonathan McDowell further added that “From October 2017 to April 2018, this space station is likely to fall on the ground. As it is coming closer to the ground, the air pressure is increasing around it Heavy and friction temperature is causing heat. Dr. Jonathan McDowell also told that when this station passes faster on the groundwater, fire will flatter due to heat, and it will dry in some air, but its 100 kilogram pieces will fall on the ground, it is very difficult to guess now, where these pieces fall. Dr. Jonathan McDowell also said that if this heavenly palace is to fall in continental Asia, this continent will go to Africa when the slightest difference in the environment. But it can be said that this land is more likely to fall into the sea, because about 70 percent of the earth is involved in water. The incident is to come, but after this news, the marks of Chinese space agency performance are going and a question that is on everyone’s language that this Chinese heavenly palace was so unreliable that after a hard drive in space for 5 years, today is hanging around the world as a sword over the world? Surely it will be investigated, but it is the time to say that the disaster will come down in the world.


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