China’s President Xi Jinping world’s most powerful leader

China's President Xi

China’s President Xi

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China’s President Xi Jinping not only became China’s most powerful leader but also the world. China’s Communist Party’s 19th National Congress has selected them as the Party Secretary General and China President for the next term. There is no leader in the new elected members of the Politburo run by the Communist Party and the government, who could replace Xi Jinping in the future. This means that the 64-year-old Xi Jinping will continue to lead China for quite a few days. After the founder of China’s Cultural Revolution and great leader Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping is emerging as the most powerful leader and he is leading China at such time, When China is preparing to play a unique role, and it has to build a new world. They are a dynamic, thinking and pragmatic leader.

After the 19 th Congress congress of Chinese Communists held in Beijing’s great public hall on 18-24 October 2017, the West started propaganda that a person’s rule in China has been established. This impression is not correct. The Communist Party passes through several steps to select its leader. There are about 9 million members in the Communist Party. They send their representatives to local and provincial organizations. These organizations send their 2280 delegates to the National Congress. These delegates choose members of the Politburo, the party and the government leader. This choice is not done by closing eyes. The person who attains the position of Xi Jinping, She is definitely a very unusual person. Secondly, the Communist Party of China has shown a system of discussion from top to bottom. The 19th Congress was started one year before 2016. The Congress is held every 5 years later. What changes have happened in the world and in China for those 5 years? What are the social, economic, political and psychological conditions of the people of China? What should be a new manifestation of China’s Communist Party in the changed circumstances and what should the government make changes in internal and external policies? All the organizations uphold documents from party’s lower level organizations on all these questions, which are called party documents. These documents are analyzed by analyzing the conditions under the principles of scientific and journalism. The party’s central committee receives these documents before holding the Congress. After his study, the party’s new manifesto is set up so that matters can be run under the new requirements.

Every organization is a think tank from the top of the Chinese Communist Party. After reading the party’s final document and its party’s new draft, it is estimated that the world needs to understand. The most important thing is that the Communist Party has made Xi Jinping’s ideology part of the party’s new manifesto. This ideology is related to socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new covenant. Adding Xi Jinping Ideology to Party Manifestor means that the Communist Party has accepted Xi Jinping’s vision. And therefore, they have chosen their leader for the next 5-year period. After Mao Zedong, Zia is the first leader, whose concepts are made part of the party manifesto. This can be estimated the importance and power of Xi Jinping. China’s Communist Party’s 19th Congress’s decisions are very important. A decision was made to strengthen Chinese-based socialism and under the socialist modernization, social and economic development goals will be achieved. The Congress also decided that China will play a more sustainable global role. Chinese Communist Party has found a secret of Marxism. The secret is that Marxism is the science of human society and relationships and values ​​change in human society. So, in changed circumstances, this science also changes. This change also has scientific principles. Over time, a Marxist and Socialist society requirements also change. Every society has its cultural, cultural and historical features, which unique it from any other society. China’s Communist Party has established power for almost 7 decades, but today China is ready to take over the world.

Today’s China is a continuation of the Revolution of 1949. Many systems ended in the world, but this connection did not break. This is because the Chinese Communist Party did not consider the human society as a static. Xi Jinping is a modern Chinese architect and he has also taken responsibility for the formation of a new world. Mao Zedong’s powerful and popular situations and conditions were different. People were emotionally with them because of the new revolution and the world was divided into two blocks. This division of advertising and capitalistic blocks was on ideological basis. The situation is very different now. Chinese people are not in the first romance, because of modern technology, the economic benefits of the world have become extremely complicated. Xi Jinping’s vision has not only acknowledged the Communist Party but also the creation of modern China and China’s growing global role has created a romance again in the Chinese people, which was somewhat lower in the middle. The concept of China’s One Belt One Road (One Strip One Highway) has attracted the whole world. The whole world is feeling that it will benefit from the One-Way Belt One-Way Worldwide Project.

This road will pass through many countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America and more than 60% of the world’s population will be connected to that road. China will have to face major challenges to implement this concept. In addition to opposition to other world powers, it will also have to deal with internal internal issues. Zi Jinping did not only give new vision but he took steps to eliminate corruption in China, which could not be ruled by another country or ruler. On corruption, hundreds of important people including the Ministers, the main leaders of Communist Party and Bureau of Courts were hanged. He has also recognized himself as a good administrator as an ideologist. Their wisdom and their ability will be fulfilled on many trials, they have reached this destination. China is going to play an extraordinary global role in which the strong leader like Xi Jinping is not only China but also the world. The Xi Jinping struggle and modern China make a global power in the country that no country or society is a static society. Nor can any static science and philosophy build it; it should be an understanding of today’s changing world. The social, economic, political and psychological conditions of our people should be studied. Seeing the situation, the situation around the world, the situation of the region, and the global changes to its internal, foreign policy, analyzes the historical conditions of their country. Provide education, treatment, and order to your people. A society can be able to remain competent and merit, corruption-free and law-enforcement, it is necessary that the government should take steps. Our party members here, after voting and ending the contact after election, and the decision only on the basis of an agreement with the people living in the air does not conform to an unanimous basis.


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