China’s President Xi Jinping begins first US visit

Chinese president, Xi Jinping, and first lady, Peng Liyuan

Chinese president, Xi Jinping, and first lady, Peng Liyuan


China’s President Xi Jinping on his first official visit to the United States left. US President Barack Obama to focus on the summit’s agenda, which is China’s growing naval presence and cyber security, are on top. Chinese President Xi Jinping Seattle will be located on the US West Coast. They are participating in a forum the major US companies, including General Motors and Apple have been invited. It is expected that President Xi Jinping stressed his confidence that China will continue steady growth, more economic cooperation will appeal. Chinese president for the first time in nearly 10 months on Friday to meet with President Obama. Among them the increased presence of China in the South China Sea will be discussed. The Chinese government, through the disputed Spratly Islands in the Sea of ​​land filling apparently there 3 3 kilometer long runway looks to establish. US companies also will discuss the hacking attack of which China is suspected. Obama had hinted last week that the alleged government-sponsored cyber theft in any case, the US government imposed sanctions on China could. Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected that President Obama will say that the activities of Chinese sovereignty in the South China Sea are covered. It is likely that the cyber attacks, stressing that China itself is a victim of similar activities he proposed joint efforts to deal with this matter will.


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