China, the second Muslim minority after Uyghur is also a victim of reprimand

Utsuls Muslim mental training program launched in the southern province of Hainan

Utsuls Muslim mental training program launched in the southern province of Hainan

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After the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China has now started a mental training program for the Utsuls Muslims in the southern province of Hainan. The move is aimed at adapting minorities to their own ways, so that the ruling Communist Party (CCP) can maintain its influence. Hainan is an island inhabited by 10,000 Muslims. The Beijing government has termed the process of adapting its citizens as sinicization, which the United States and the international community consider to be genocide. According to media reports, the recent Utsuls campaign against Muslims is aimed at eradicating Islamic culture from the country. During the Sinicization of Islam campaign in 2018, local governments issued specific orders, including the closure of Islamic schools, the installation of Chinese flags on mosques, and the removal of Islamic buildings. Meanwhile, teaching children under the age of 18 in mosques was also banned and Muslims were required to register their identities and addresses with government departments. As far as the Utsuls are concerned, most of them live in the coastal city of Sanya. They speak the Chamic language, which is similar to the languages ​​spoken in Vietnam and Cambodia. These people migrated from these countries and settled there centuries ago. The Utsuls are also called Hainan Hui and are one of the few unrecognized ethnic groups in China which the ruling party associates with a large population campaign.

According to the New York Times, the Utsuls community has played a key role in establishing ties with China’s Islamic world. The Utsuls roundup began in 2019. Meanwhile, strict laws were enacted there, including a ban on women wearing the hijab. According to the regulations, members of the CCP must also be included in the oversight committees of mosques. In addition, political slogans of the ruling party have been hung on the walls of mosques.


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