China launch of White Paper on Poverty Alleviation, to experiences and services

The White Paper states that China's anti-poverty target has been achieved by the end of 2020.

The White Paper states that China’s anti-poverty target has been achieved by the end of 2020.

Beijing … News Time

A white paper on poverty alleviation, China’s experiences and services was released, stating that China has successfully achieved its goal of poverty alleviation, the next centennial goal will be to build a modern socialist country In the fight against poverty, Chinese villages underwent a historic transformation, lifting more than 770 million people out of poverty. According to media reports, the Press Office of the State Council of China has issued a white paper on the 6th entitled Anti-Poverty: China’s Experiences and Services. It examines China’s great work to eradicate poverty over 100 years. The White Paper says that by the end of 2020, China’s anti-poverty target has been achieved. The White Paper points out that the fight against poverty has brought about a comprehensive and historic change in China’s rural areas.

This is a great revolution with the help of which a strong foundation has been laid for the construction of a modern socialist country and the fulfillment of the second centenary goal. Comprehensive success in the field of anti-poverty has fulfilled the thousands of years old dream and aspiration of the Chinese nation. The White Paper points out that the elimination of absolute poverty in China, which accounts for one-fifth of the world’s population, and the completion of the UN’s 2023 Sustainable Development Agenda 10 years ahead of schedule is not only a milestone in Chinese development, but also a history of global development. Is also a major event in the fight against poverty and human development? The White Paper points out that since the introduction of China’s reform and opening-up policy, more than 770 million poor rural people have been lifted out of poverty under the current definition of poverty. According to the World Bank’s International Poverty Standards, China’s success in fighting poverty is more than 70% of the world’s success in this area.


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