China confirms Afghan Taliban

Visit to China confirms Afghan Taliban

Visit to China confirms Afghan Taliban

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Afghan Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban delegation visited China confirmed that China had requested arbitration with the Afghan government has not. In November 2014, a Taliban delegation to visit China Taliban political office in Qatar Din Mohammad Hanif was a member. Ashraf Ghani President’s visit to China in the days of pilgrimage. Ashraf Ghani, the tour had any appeal to the Taliban. Chinese diplomats in Islamabad to meet with Afghan officials said. Zabihullah Mujahid told the BBC that the Taliban’s old ties with China and neighboring countries and is known to periodically as needed. Many countries of the world have to offer arbitration to us, but they were not answered. We appreciate offers of mediation are deke, however, was not to negotiate with the Afghan government. Chung says the BBC after the withdrawal of NATO is active in Afghanistan, which could be the possible role of negotiator and he wants to join the Taliban regime. To play a political role, he heard senior diplomat China’s special representative for Afghanistan Yoshimitsu was made, however, in the last 13 years, China’s role in Afghanistan’s economic affairs. Billions of dollars in Logar Province project extract minerals found in northern Afghanistan plans for oil exploration and refinery contract is with him. Head of the China Institute says Syed Mushahid Hassano than other countries could contribute to China’s military role in Afghanistan that it is not. Former Afghan defense minister Shahnawaz Tanai that China is positive about the people of Afghanistan and its success can be any character


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