Call to prayer in Israel’s parliament, Ahmed al-Tibi to condemn the violence against Christians

Call to prayer in the Israeli Parliament Ahmed al-Tibi

Call to prayer in the Israeli Parliament Ahmed al-Tibi

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When the ban of bill was passed 2 years ago when the prayer of prayer at the mosque of the mosque in the Israeli Parliament was passed so a Member of Parliament, a brave Muslim politician, Ahmed al- Tibi, spoke to the call to prayer and in the announcement, no one can ban ban on praying for prayer. Ahmed al-Tibi had become tremendous on the entire parliamentary parliament on this bold move. Ahmed al-Tibi acquires a whole world’s attention by raising a loud voice in favor of oppressed Palestinians inside Israel. And the Israeli army and administration condemned the aggression on Israel and Gaza-based Muslims in Gaza, showing the real face of the Jewish government to the world. He is the only politician of the Israelis and the elected parliamentarians who also get an emergency from the oppressive army. Ahmed al-Tibi is a medical doctor by profession who has taken practical politics while taking steps in the Israeli Parliament. After giving the call to prayer in Parliament, he has also mentioned religious violence on Christians besides Christians in Israel. He said that the United States should know that he is leading the Jewish government he does not give Christians the freedom to pay their religious duties. America should also close eyes on traditional violence against Muslims, but the American people will not forgive the Donald Trump when stealing the views of the Jews with Christians.

Ahmed al-T Tibi, who received a medical science certificate from the University Of Arbi, founded his political party in 1996 as the Arabic Transformation Movement; He is a member of the Israeli Parliament and is well known that he strongly opposed the resolution of the resolution against the Call to prayer in the Israeli Parliament. Calling the prayer during the address of Parliament challenged the Israelites to stop showing Azan’s voice. Ahmed al-Tibi was the political advisor of former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat from 1993 to 1996 however, after resigning from his position, Ahmed al-Tibi participated in Israeli elections and the Israeli parliamentarians were elected on the Arab transit ticket. According to the media album, Ahmad al-Tibi had a significant role in the Palestinian resistance against Israel; He was the first philosopher to be injured in the famous movement named Al-Aqsa. Ahmed al-Tibi defended the Israeli forces while defending Palestinians for many occasions and in 2002 they were forbidden to enter the Palestinian territories. In addition, the Israeli Election Commission banned Ahmad al-Tibi’s election. However, after taking the lead in suspending the decision against him, he took part in the 2003 elections and once again, success became the member of the parliament.


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