Call for urgent meeting of Iran, the demand of European countries

Iran had said that it could increase uranium enrichment by 20 percent by nuclear deal.

Iran had said that it could increase uranium enrichment by 20 percent by nuclear deal.

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European countries who signed nuclear deal with Iran have demanded that all relevant stakeholders should hold a meeting immediately, so that the issue of implementation of compromise on Iran can be taken into consideration. Britain, France, Germany and the EU demanded a meeting on Tuesday, one day before the United Nations’s nuclear energy firm confirmed that uranium enrichment has exceeded the 2015 nuclear deal. In a joint statement, European parties have said that there is a serious concern on not being implemented on numerous guarantees in the joint-agreements with the strategy. The heads of European countries have said Iran has told them that they want to be in agreement. But that requirement is that Iran will take steps towards taking action according to the agreement, ensure the implementation of the nuclear deal immediately and without delay.

The embassy of French President Emmanuel Macron is on a two-day visit to Iran, so that the pressure can be reduced. Emmanuel Macron and Iranian President Hassan Rohani had finalized the final date of the last week of July 15, so that the issue of uranium enrichment could be fixed. The International Atomic Energy Agency has said its inspectors have confirmed Monday Iran has crossed the 3.67 percent increase in the boom of heavy water. The purpose of the agreement was to keep Iran from forming nuclear weapons, instead of which it should be compromised in the tendency. It did not explain how much Iran has exceeded this limit. But the Associated Press has quoted Iran’s heavy water to about 4.5 percent, according to a spokesman for Iran’s nuclear energy agency.

Earlier, Iran had said that it could increase uranium enrichment by up to 20 percent by withdrawing nuclear deal. Enriched growth rate of five percent is sufficient for nuclear power plants. However, it’s below the 90 percent limit, which can create nuclear weapons. The US President Donald Trump last year separated the US from the nuclear deal and imposed severe sanctions against Iran. Iran has already left some parts of the compromise and has threatened that it will go away from it, if the rest of the United Kingdom, Britain, China, France, Germany, and Russia do not help it to leverage economic destructive American sanctions.


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