British government rejected petition to deport Ishaq Dar

Former finance minister Ishaq Dar

Former finance minister Ishaq Dar

London … News Time

The British government rejected the petition to deport the former finance minister Ishaq Dar. According to the details, the UK rejected the public request for deporting former finance minister Ishaq Dar, the British government says there is no compromise exchange agreement with Pakistan, however, there is room in law, the Government of Pakistan will have to contact officially. The British government said that a convicted criminal in another country can be deported even if it is not a contract. Remember, the Foreign Ministry canceled the diplomatic passport of Ishaq Dar and his wife.

According to law, Ishaq Dar was obliged to return the diplomatic passport within 30 days to leave his position however, Ishaq Dar remained in the UK with his wife and was not canceled the passport. Legal experts say that the passport cancellation is not available in London that Ishaq Dar can travel outside the UK however; he can take political asylum in the UK. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), while listing the advertisement and former federal finance minister Ishaq Dar in Assets Reference his passport was also blocked Red Warts are also released to bring back the country from London through interpol. It is believed that under the NAB court, a reference to the assets of former finance minister Pakistan Ishaq Dar is under reference. Ishaq Dar March 3 went to London due to the illness of nature before Senate elections, after which Isaac Dar is still in London.


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