Brexit fears must be avoided before movement against PM: British Labor Party

Labor Party Education Spokeswoman Angela Rainer

Labor Party Education Spokeswoman Angela Rainer

London … News Time

The Labor Party, the opposition opposition party, has made it clear that Britain will be excluded from the EU without agreement before making plans to remove Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to a news agency Reuters report, Labor Party spokeswoman Angela Rayner said the Labor Party would avoid the threats posed to Britain by Brexit first, after which steps would be taken to oust the prime minister. In an interview to the BBC, Angela Rayner said on a question: “We want to make sure that there is no separation without agreement and that we do nothing else before that.”

On the other hand, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said I would not resign to prevent Brexit from being postponed until October. He said Britain would have to take steps to break away from the European Union with no agreement or agreement. While Parliament is passing a law under which MPs do not approve their agreement, they will have to approach Brexit’s deadline to expand. Boris Johnson has clearly stated earlier that he would prefer to die in a ditch rather than request a delay.

Asked about the resignation on Brexit’s problems, he said no, I have taken the responsibility of leading the party and the country in a difficult time and I will continue to do so. It should be remembered that Boris Johnson, who took office after the resignation of former Prime Minister Theresa May, decided to suspend the parliament from September 10 to October 14, in opposition to his agreement with the MPs. Queen Elizabeth II approved Parliament’s suspension on the Prime Minister’s proposal and Parliament was suspended in the second week of September and Queen Elizabeth II had a speech to parliament October 14, but the Supreme Court declared the decision illegal. British Supreme Court President Brenda Hale said lawmakers had to decide when Parliament should be called. He said the decision to suspend Parliament was illegal because it had the effect of preventing Parliament from completing its constitutional proceedings without good reason.


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