Black snow in 3 cities of Russia: Local media

Pictures of sharing on social sites are being expressed in the dark snow scenes

Pictures of sharing on social sites are being expressed in the dark snow scenes

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Russia’s Region 3 City Prokopyevsk, Kiselyovsk and Leninsk-Kuznetsky’s prosecutors are trying to know reasons for black snow. According to the Siberian Times report, on the one hand, local people shared their views on various social networking sites, on the one hand, the dark snow scenes are being expressed, On the other hand, other users are also claiming that black snowy looks beautiful.

Local media has declared coal plants in the area responsible for being black-colored. Anatoly Volkov, Director General of Prokopyevskaya Factory told Vesti-Kuzbass TV that Shield, who was protected from coal pudding in his plant, had stopped working. Kemerovo deputy governor Andrei Panov, who is also in charge of the environment, will meet local experts to discuss this matter. He suggested that only coal plant should not be considered due to this problem, coal boiler, vehicle smoke and coal burning plant should also be considered responsible.

On the social media, area owners were accused that this area lacks long-term environmental affliction, where life is based on coal. The user commented on the pictures of black snowfall whether snowfall seems like hell in hell? A user said that there is no system of cleaning, dust dust, crude and coal area, we and our children are breathing in this environment, and it’s just a dream. Another user commented that the government prohibits smoking at public places but breathes in the coal ball and let it go to our lungs. A large number of people on social media are being worried due to pollution. A user said this area is the only place to get resources and the authorities do not care about the situation and culture here. In these cities vehicles were also covered by black ice, while most people showed concern over the impact on lungs due to pollution.


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