Battle of Okinawa, USA and Japan

Battle of Okinawa, USA and Japan

Battle of Okinawa, USA and Japan

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 Okinawa is a Japanese island that is situated in the distance of several hundred kilometers from central Japan. During the Second World War, America wanted to build its island to enter Japan’s main region from where US ships can fly and provide access. At the same time in April 1945, US troops reached Okinawa’s shores. On the other hand, Japan did not want any such American base to be established on its head, where it is easy to target its main cities. Therefore, the Empire was less likely to be a major battle between Japan and the United States. The Americans were far away from their land and their soldiers were dependent on Navy for supply and safety. The Japanese knew it and that’s why the US Navy was on their targets. He targeted the US Navy with massive airplanes. The Americans had had a new approach to fighting the Japanese in the Philippines. Japan’s suicide bombers called Kamikaze. The special unit of Japan consisted of them. These airplanes were prepared for the same purpose. They would also be considered to be a standard ship by thinking that they have to be finally destroyed.

The Japanese knew the importance of Okinawa, and Americans also realized that Japanese would use bad, naval and air all forces to defend the island. That’s why American commander Voice Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner set a system to warn Japanese attacks under which various points were made around Okinawa, where the Americans were present with the necessary equipment so that the Navy and Air Attack Report should be timely and ready. After the Americans reached Japan’s head, a number of Japanese soldiers were recruited. These Japaneses used to die for their emperors and their homeland. The number of suicide airbags in hundreds was in it. Their task was to collapse with American ships, including weapons, to maximize damage. Kamikaze was also attacked by small boats. His name was named Kamikaze in the name of this great storm that had hit Japan’s navy fleet of Kublai Khan.

With the arrival of the spring of 1945, Japanese plans to fully defend Okinawa under Voice Admiral Matome Ugaki and it was made that on the American fleet in the seas, Kamikaze would attack so much that they would remember Granny. Supply of Americans will stop and they will not be able to take ground action in Okinawa. Under the project, Japanese had to use 4500 ships to bomb and suicide attacks. One of his procedures was that Kamikaze would throw the first 26,000 pounds of explosive bombs. It was like an old cruise missile. Then after some rocket was buried, they would hit themselves with a ship at around 650 miles per hour. They spread huge disasters and the Americans were angry with them.

However Kamikaze would not always succeed. Japan had the world’s largest Yamato-class battleships. With the help of fellow ships, he died on a similar mission or Maro mission but the Americans drowned him. It was a huge loss to Japan. Before going to Kamikaze’s last mission, there is a ceremony and rituals. Many would write the last letter to my family and friends. Buren was wasted to the extent that he would not care about going to his life. Kamikazes had shed a large ship of Americans, including warcraft and Carrie. However, the fight against American destroyer Hugh William Hadley was extremely horrible. His name was named after an American Navy officer killed in 1942. The weight of Hugh William Hadley was 2200 tons and was developed in California. He was sent to Okinawa in March. On the end of the corresponding month of the month, it started to see the nearest small island of Okinawa, as well as a Japanese ship. He hit the harasser, a Japanese bomber before reaching Okinawa.

On April 1, he reached Okinawa’s coast. He kept guarding the ships with him, stole soldiers and equipment, and then went back to the sea. Now its work was to stop the Japanese submarines against American intervention. Meanwhile, Hugh William Hadley targeted submarines and planes. A few days later, Hugh William Hadley’s staff was informed that a Destroyer Kamikazes of his south has been drowned. Hugh William Hadley looted suicide aircraft for a long time. May 11 was a very difficult day when Japanese soldiers were attacked. It really damaged but could not be drowned. Meanwhile, he dropped 23 airplanes. Later he was given a prize on this competition. War of Okinawa was very expensive both of America and Japan. The bloodiest blood in the Pacific was from the war. It ended in June. Until then, millions of Japanese and American Americans were killed. The number of Japanese was high in the killings. 1500 Japanese Kamikaze Pilots were killed by American ships in the Okinawa campaign. 29 US ships damaged drowning and 120.


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