Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared opponents Pakistani agent

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Karachi … News Time

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina accused the opposition movement are afraid of guns from Pakistan has once again turning. Hasina has called his political opponents have accused Pakistani agents Pakistan; Bangladesh opposition parties are funded heavily patronized them. Central Bank of Bangladesh’s intelligence wing opposition parties accused the BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami, the members of the Pakistan High Commission has provided financial aid. Central Bank of Bangladesh is bound to all domestic and foreign banks that are compounded High Commission members within one week Shahnaz Jamal Mazhar Khan and records of accounts of the Central Bank, submit, or take strict action against them will. Myntmam this regard, banks have been given a deadline of March 7, 2015. The Times of India reported in 2014 in Bangladesh, 12 million have been seized fake Indian currency which has been imposed on the accused Pakistani intelligence, however, found no evidence of the allegation. The Tufail Ahmed in Dhaka, Bangladesh Commerce Minister alleged that in a press conference after the opposition Movement of Pakistan is making money. Mynhmary victory and defeat Pakistan in 1971, has not forgotten the first day of Bangladesh is trying to destabilize. The ruling PML is a leading member of the African journal Prothom Alo told Hasina, a high level party meeting Islami Bangladesh crackdown against more drastic orders at 23 March 2015 Day on Pakistan Any prisoner JI leader decided to hang. Awami League, the leading member of the Central Executive Committee Hasina said the party’s general secretary Qamar Zaman special expressed his desire to hang. According to the Tribune Dhaka Bangladesh Jamaat leader Qamar Zaman appeal against the death sentence was rejected by the Supreme Court on February 18. Blylk the warrant can be issued at any time. The European Union, telling the Prime Minister noted that Bangladeshi opposition activists to stop the torture. The election of 5 January 2015, a year after the completion of the unilateral security agencies and the Awami League miscreants killed in violence and more than 200 opposition activists were injured. 12 thousand political activists have been jailed. Daily Star wrote that Hasina under two months to crush the opposition movement has issued special instructions to support this movement has been blamed on Pakistan. Magazine wrote that the Indian Intelligence RAW, a key indicator of the Pakistani High Commission in Dhaka Mazhar Khan raid was arrested, but released after the intervention of the Pakistani High Commissioner was given. However, the fake Indian currency and Pakistani secret service connection 31 January 2015 was forced to leave Bangladesh. Later, facing similar charges in Dhaka Pakistani air service PIA Station Manager Ali Abbas had to. The fake Indian currency and gold smuggling charges was forced to leave Bangladesh, the Bangladesh government protested the Pakistani authorities and the incident is asked to explain, and the March 10, the P PIA flight from Karachi to Dhaka operation is stopped. The financial institutions of Bangladesh from Pakistan have stepped up scrutiny of individuals. Bangladesh is a member of the Financial Intelligence Unit abuhna the ATM in the country of India with regard to the funding of terrorist intelligence agencies have provided valuable information. However abuhna evidence could not explain. Customs Today reports the journal Central Bank of Bangladesh Jamaat and BNP leaders, including opposition parties and all lawful orders of his family’s bank accounts have been frozen. The intelligence from Pakistan are Scrutinize every individual, they were informed by Indian intelligence that Pakistani airline PIA in Dhaka fake Indian currency and gold being smuggled have been.


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