Bangladesh JI leader Mir Quasem Ali retained the death penalty  

Bangladesh JI leader Mir Quasem Ali

Bangladesh JI leader Mir Quasem Ali

Dhaka … News Time

Bangladesh court sentenced to death on charges of assisting the Pakistan. Bangladesh Jamaat-i-Islami leader ordered retain the death penalty appeal rejected Mir Quasem Ali. Bangladesh continues to trial senior leaders of the party in the 1971 war with Pakistan. The Supreme Court rejected the appeal against the death sentence of 64-year-old Mir Quasem Ali and upheld his death sentence. The Bangladeshi media shall be executed in the next few days. Mir Quasem Ali member of the Central Executive Committee Jamaat-i-Islami. They were called by the special tribunal set up in 2010 to fight Indian Pleasure 1971 with Pakistan under charges of which he was sentenced to death in 2014 had approached the Supreme Court. Mir Quasem Ali’s lawyers termed baseless allegations leveled against them. It is noteworthy that since late 2013 have been executed 4 opposition politicians, including 3 leaders of Jamaat-i-Islami in Bangladesh.


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