Bangladesh government announces release of former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia

Former Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Khaleda Zia

Former Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Khaleda Zia

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Bangladeshi government announces release of former prime minister and opposition leader Khaleda Zia from jail and treatment. Opposition leader Khaleda Zia has been released on humanitarian grounds for six months, a government spokeswoman said. However, after the issuance of the decree, she will be able to cure the declining health. Khaleda Zia, 74, has been Prime Minister of Bangladesh twice. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison on corruption charges and has been in jail since 2018. His political party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, contends that corruption cases against Khaleda Zia have been made on a political basis. He is suffering from severe joint pain and for a few days his condition is very bad. Bangladesh Law Minister Justice Anees –ul- Haq quoted Khaleda Zia as saying that she was being released under the direction of Prime Minister Hussein Wajid. She is conditioned to be released at her residence in Dhaka. She can be treated at any hospital in the country and she will not be allowed to leave the country. Khalid Zia’s brother Shamim Sikandar welcomed the government’s decision and expressed happiness. According to news agencies, the Interior Ministry will issue a notification regarding his release and it is not yet clear when he will be released from jail.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Nationalist Party leader Amir Khusro Mohammad Chaudhry said that Khalida Zia was being released after an appeal filed by his family in court, the BNP did not make any request for his release. They should have been released long ago, because they are in jail for political reasons, they have committed no crime. Khaleda Zia was convicted in corruption case for the first time in 2018 by the court. He was accused of seizing up to two and a half million dollars for misusing his powers, which was donated to an orphanage. He was later convicted in other cases of similar nature.


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