Balochistan and Karachi Target of the bad situation, Arrest ‘RAW’ official confessional statement

Indian intelligence agency 'RAW' agent Kulbhushan Yadav

Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ agent Kulbhushan Yadav

Islamabad … News Time

Indian intelligence agency arrested from Balochistan ‘RAW’ agent Kulbhushan Yadav admitted in his video statement that target the situation in Balochistan and Karachi while I am involved in acts against the integrity of Pakistan. The Director General ISPR, Gen Asim Bajwa told a press conference Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ agents arrested the confessional statement of video shot in RAW ‘agent said his name Kulbhushan Yadav told AZ 41558 that his number from the Technical Department of the Navy and the Indian Navy service officer, serving residential and Mumbai. He joined the National Defence Academy in 1987 Kulbhushan Yadav said. The Indian Navy as a commissioned officer in January 1991 with the participation of the Commission as it was to retirement in 2022. He continued to serve in the Indian Navy in December 2001 Kulbhushan Yadav said, the attack on the Indian parliament, and it was followed in 2002 after her 14-year-old Navy service 2003 began to perform the duties of spying for Indian intelligence agencies while Mubarak Patel put his code name was adopted for that reason to work for the Indian agencies. Indian agents went to Iran for further admitted that spying and trying to start a small business in the spring, During 2003 and made several trips to Karachi with his code name in 2004 aimed at “RAW did the basic goals and return it in the late 2013 India’s largest intelligence agency, RAW was added. Kulbhushan Yadav said that a “RAW” officer it was the target of the law and order situation in Balochistan and Karachi the purpose of terrorism in Pakistan was to spread fear among the public. Indian intelligence agencies said in his confession that he works under the joint secretary Anil Kumar Gupta ‘RAW’ Anil Kumar was especially Baloch student movement in the contacts do its work in Pakistan Gupta, ‘God was also funding for Baloch rebels’ side, while it aims to keep constant contact with the Baloch insurgents, And an operation to help them share, These actions were criminal and national integrity who could carry out terrorist acts their aim was to kill civilians or causing damage. Kulbhushan Yadav told the Indian news agency it was revealed that the Baloch Liberation operations throughout this period ” RAW ” fully involved and under these operations, including Pakistan and the surrounding region, This information is based on the scope of these activities that Gwadar, Pasni extracts contain many other sites around Port biography whose purpose was to strengthen the mentality of criminal activities damaging the installations in Balochistan and Baloch Liberation Pakistan may be driven by instability. According Kulbhushan Yadav were given on March 3 by the officers ‘RAW’ Pakistan was going to achieve different goals the main purpose of the meeting was to operations in Balochistan and Baloch separatist militants were messages to the Indian agencies, The main task of the meeting was to ” RAW ” I wanted to do something big in the future action plan in Balochistan and Baloch separatist groups was to discuss related operations but the Iranian border while crossing the Pakistan border Sarawan was arrested by Pakistani authorities. Indian agencies that have failed to know that the intelligence operation they can be identified, which has been in the custody of Pakistani authorities. Kulbhushan According to official investigation has been good and professional treatment when he said in his statement that he is without any pressure.


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