Ashiana Scandal: Former Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif handed over to the NAB on a 10-day physical remand

 Former Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif handed over to the NAB on a 10-day physical remand

Former Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif handed over to the NAB on a 10-day physical remand

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In the Ashiana Housing Scandal, Accountability court passed the 10-day physical remand of former Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for investigation. The security arrangements were made on the occasion of the ex-chief minister’s visit. Ashiana Iqbal Housing Scandal case was heard in Accountability court. Shahbaz Sharif was presented in the judge’s chambers in front of the inconvenient room room. The former Chief Minister requested to hear the hearing in the open court, after which the people were removed from the room court. Prosecutor NAB approached a 15-day remand when the hearing started.

On the request of Shahbaz Sharif, the court gave the opportunity to speak. He adopted the stand in accountability court that all the charges are unconstitutional, I ordered myself to inquire, I have saved the nation’s money in developmental activities, this money was given to save billions of rupees, I am a servant of a nation, I ruined my health and sleep, serving people by day and night, did not work illegally, work for the development of country and nation, Rs 90 crore received from returning. Shahbaz Sharif further added that the Orange Line train will save 75 billion rupees in the project, worked hard to serve the people for a long time, this case has been made on a political basis, did not make a single-rate corruption, called corruption on the company as Blacklist, the criminals caught the right hand, but they left them.

After hearing the case of Shahbaz Sharif, NAB prosecutor and lawyer cleansed the arguments. The NAB prosecutor said that Shahbaz Sharif crossed the options; former Chief Minister misused the powers, Ashiana Iqbal’s contract was canceled from the Latif and Sons to Casa developers, Shahbaz Sharif’s illegal treasury has lost millions of rupees national treasury, Former Chief Minister further needs further investigation. The NAB prosecutor requested that the court should hand over Shahbaz Sharif to the NAB on physical remand. Shahbaz Sharif’s lawyer Amjad Pervaiz Advocate opposed NAB’s impatience. The court secured the decision after listening to the party’s position, shortly after the court heard the decision, Shahbaz Sharif handed over to the NAB on a 10-day physical remand.

PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif on the occasion of pesticide at Accountability Court Hamza Shahbaz, Salman Shahbaz, Maryam Aurangzeb, Khurram Dastgir large number of league leaders and workers reached accountability court. On the arrival of Shahbaz Sharif, a lot of security arrangements were made. When Shahbaz Sharif was brought to court in the Accountability Court, the workers working outside the court came to pass in the morning. The workers were shouted slogans against the government, which was brought to Shahbaz Sharif in the armored vehicle; the workers continued slogging at it. The room was also very insomnia in which the hearing was delayed. After hearing the hearing, the appointment of Shahbaz Sharif’s physical remand was made by NAB; the legal proceedings continued in the court of the court, workers outside their room show their passion.

Remember, on Friday afternoon, at 2pm 55 minutes, President NAB Shahbaz Sharif reached the NAB office for his appeals in clean water scandal in his white land cruiser, about 25 minutes, NAB’s main and sub-doors were closed. No one was allowed to go inside, before the doors were closed, the opposition leader was present in the NAB office till 34 minutes, he was asked, and he was officially arrested on Ashiana Housing case on 3 to 29 minutes, the arrest report was released on 3pm at 35 minutes. Shahbaz Sharif was arrested in the Ashiana Housing case, said NAB Lahore press releases. After the arrest, opposition leader was placed in the office of NAB Lahore, where the doctor inspected his medical care, their blood pressure; Sugar Level and Heart Beet were checked. According to DG NAB Lahore Shahzad Saleem, the three-member team of NAB investigating Shahbaz Sharif comprises prosecution, investigation and intelligence, According to the sources, NAB arrested Shahbaz Sharif on the expansion of Fawad Hassan Fawad.

The NAB sources say that in the Ashiana Housing Scandal case, Fawad Hassan Fawad has allegedly made the promise of forgiveness; Shahbaz Sharif and Fawad Hassan Fawad were adjacent in the face of the last innings. According to sources, Fawad Hassan Fawad said during the conversation with Shahbaz Sharif that the mother kept doing the way you said. He acknowledged in his written statement what did Shahbaz Sharif say when he said. During the inquiry, 3 files were placed before Shahbaz Sharif but they could not answer satisfactory. NAB issued a charge sheet against Shahbaz Sharif, which said there was strong evidence against the accused. The statement issued by the NAB said that Shahbaz Sharif used misuse of Punjab Chief Minister Punjab Landmark Development Company (PLDC). He illegally canceled the contract with Secretary-General Fawad Hassan Fawad on Mutual Mughal-based Latif and Sons merit, this contract was allegedly canceled for the unlikely profit of the company.

Former Chief Minister directed the PLDC illegally in a meeting on October 21, 2017 although the Ashiana Housing Scheme should be submitted to the LDA, although the PLDC C Housing projects were set up to complete the completion, the project gave illegal orders to LDA again to PLDP. In this case, the probability of the project, loss of other losses and loss of advertisement was 65 crores, delayed the cost of the project 4 billion rupees, the benefit of land over 2000 canals was dispatched to the contractor, with all this illegal paradox of paragon bismillah engineering company 14 billion. To inform Speaker about his formal arrest under the rules, DG NAB Lahore wrote the letter to Speaker National Assembly, the letter said that Shahbaz Sharif was arrested on intervention in the administrative affairs of the Punjab Land Development Company. The arrest process was taken under NAB Ordinance 1999.

The authorized authority issued warrant arrest warrants, investigations of the Punjab Land Development Company and the LDA case, NAB Lahore has arrested Shahbaz Sharif by executing the relevant warrant. In the letter, DG NAB Lahore also referred to the telephone call from Speaker National Assembly. It is clear that Shahbaz Sharif was present in NAB for inquiry into Ashisha scandal 3 times before. He was summoned for the first time on January 22, 2018, for the last time he was present on August 20.  In a clean water company scandal 3 and Punjab Power Development Company case was called once.


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