Arms trade and the dream of peace

At present, many countries of the world buy weapons from the US. The United States of America has the lead in them. Photos: File

At present, many countries of the world buy weapons from the US. The United States of America has the lead in them. Photos: File

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This fact has been accepted from the world’s developed nations and all the nations have been accepted in the end of the 21st century, without any discrimination and discrimination, the most important need for this is the greatest need for peace. This is not being said and should not even say, because of this opinion the feeling of fear and frustration is widely expected to spread, however, the fact is that at present a large population of the world is living in the same environment, which is called state war.

It is a reality in its place and on the other hand is another strange thing. That war is always between the two sides and on any problem, basis or justification, but at the moment those people are fighting this war, they have a large majority of them those who do not know their enemy recognizes them nor do they know it that’s why why they have been stuck in this war. Terrorism attacks, bombings, sudden and unacceptable firms are the same scenario of war the experience of the human population is somewhere that is experienced. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq are directly on the target of terrorists, because they are fighting against them. Whatever is happening in these countries is either the result of the terrorist actions or the defense of it. So, the map of the situation of frequent warfare continues in these areas. However, for those countries, this is a war of survival.

However, countries such as Iran, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Qatar have also been wandering these flames in some instances. Not only is this, but also in the past few months, there incidents of terrorism in Britain, France, Canada and America, it can be estimated from where and where the flames of this fire are reaching. By looking forward to this situation, from developed countries and developing countries to the affected regions, it raises the question naturally. Is it now the cloud of rain and intense smoke, this flame fire, blasting the human being in thirty-five blocks has become a permanent human being? The answer to this question is difficult, particularly difficult and very nervous. The problem is that it is not just a question of peace, but also the matter of nature of this covenant. So you have to take a look at many issues to find the answer to this question and as well, many factors will also be under the influence of long-term and wide range of factors. The problem of peace in the world is as much as possible, the formation of the establishment and prevention of terrorism is more complicated than that.

The reason is that today there are various motives and diverse forces working in the background of terrorism. It can be estimated that if there is a suicide attack at some place and a young bomber of 16 or 18 years not only tries to tie himself, rather, as many as other innocent and precious human lives also destroy itself so the scope of the investigation of this matter can not only be that who was young, Where was the living, when and how was it here and where was the hostility of the people among whom the action he has done? In this scenario of terror, questions of such type are very simple to investigate such incidents that happen, both of them know and know not equal. Because this young man is exposed to his life, but even then he is a very small, very small part of this system that plans such events and manages them to take action.

In such a case, after the wandering young bricks, the bomb exploded, and forms a robot in a straightforward manner. The old people will have seen the idea of ​​puppet. Before the scenes, the puppets used to paint, but the hands of moving, the moving hands were behind the screen. They shout handsome and slippery. Similarly, this work is taken from remote control today and this remote is in some other hand. A bouncing teen is like a robot. The command is given to him, he fulfills it. The problem of seeking and investigating is that how the human existence changes into a machine and how to suspend its ability to think about it then what does he do in a mechanical way? This question is definitely asking for self-explanation and it can be explained through different analysis. For example, it can have a better overview of many issues such as social behavior, economic conditions, religious beliefs and social facts. And the basic motivation in these situations can be understood.

Last year, a terrorist operation in Afghanistan made peace problems in the region and again, serious questions and questions have raised questions about the efforts to overcome them. This incident happened in Kandahar. In this attack high government and national figures were targeted. It is true that the main target of the attack, that is, American commander General Scott Miller in Afghanistan, then escaped the ball, but local government commanders of the NSS intelligence service, the governor of Kandahar province and the Chief of Kandahar Police, were killed as high government officials. The Taliban, responsible for the incident, said that Kandahar police chief Abdul Razzaq and target of the US commander Scott Miller were targeted for the attack.

As the Taliban did not achieve complete success in this attack, a key target was saved, but the second target, namely, police chief Abdul Razzaq was killed. The Kandahar police chief was a very dynamic and very tough leader, but also a brutal officer. Who was considered as an enemy of insurgents? In this sense, it has to be acknowledged that the Taliban have achieved great success and by killing a large number of people, they are the Afghan government and both Americans have realized their presence with full strength. This attack was carried out by the Taleban at such time, and two days later parliamentary elections were going to be held. Obviously, this attack was an attempt to influence the election that was definitely successful and then the situation of choice was changed. One important thing here is also worth considering that talks between the US and Taliban’s top commanders were going ahead. And on the point of view, the atmosphere of peace could be made possible for the future.

After this incident, the immediate expectation of progress in peace talks will certainly be unrealistic. The way the Taliban has claimed responsibility for this incident can also be guessed it was more important for them to realize their existence and express their power. Apart from this, the goal they have achieved in this attack is not to believe the political and intelligence service of Afghanistan, rather, it is sufficient to give the message to the US that the years of war and despite the existence of the US military there, Afghanistan has not fully taken over the Taliban’s influence.

Stockholm Research Institute said in a report that the US is selling arms, its quantity is 58% higher than Russia. The other considerable thing is that recently India has signed an agreement with Russia to purchase weapons worth $ 5.2 billion. Instead of this amount, India is buying S 400 Air Defense System from Russia. India has increased its defense spending by 43 percent compared to 2012-16. Now its arms expenses are much higher than that of their sides (Pakistan and China) in this region. In view of this an example, it can be considered that in such a situation how much of the chances of peace in this region really remain. Any buyer of the weapon can deny that his purpose is to express his destructive power. When there is a weapon available in this quantity, there is no direct direct war between the parties of the parties or the parties, but it has been, however, decided that the aggression and the strike-on-going offensive or the name of Strategic Strike, will continue to keep the chances of peace in the region and remain at the lowest level.

At present, many countries of the world buy weapons from the US. The United States of America has the lead in them. It is not just a war weapon. Small arms purchase is also very large. The US $ 85 billion small arms are sold to the world every year only. China has raised its position in the world and especially in the trade market, despite its rapid growth of its economy. In addition, through various investments in various countries of the world, he has emerged as a powerful position in the United Nations. On the other hand, we also see that during the 2013-17a period, it has increased its defense spending by 38 percent. And now, after the United States, he is the second country in the world, which is such a huge budget.

Seeing this spectacle of arms, it is related to countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and India, where basic human needs supply is so far so far that it could not be overcome, but despite this, governments of these countries grow and buy arms. Not only is this, but also the small arms of common use of the people of these countries also provided with ease and gravity. Similarly, in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan, which show conditions of Civil War, What could cause them to be more than the ease of the weapon and the lot. The weapons are announcements to clean the world, the SALT I and II contracts are prepared and are also signed. Similarly, a contract of arms trade was developed in 2014, whose goal was to review and take steps for it where to see, how much and for what purpose is the weapon being taken? All these things are very good, but sadly we have to say that all these are just about to say and just say. They have not yet come to see any effects on the practical level. Think about this trade train and start in the dark race to think that the dream of peace in the world is good. The event is that they are able to grow in the world by increasing the powerful countries, the dreams of peace are actually the same in the hearts of human beings around the world. This growing desire for peace is actually becoming a means of increasing the business of arms.


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