Announcement of a ceasefire and the implementation process will be suspended, Rustam Shah Mohmand

Rustam Shah Mohmand

Rustam Shah Mohmand

Islamabad — News Time

Rustam Shah Mohmand Taliban members said that the Taliban cease-fire and that do not comply will be suspended until the negotiation process. Rustam Shah Mohmand said that until the Taliban declare ceasefire and do not comply will be suspended until the negotiation process, a Taliban cease-fire and the prisoners released under a goodwill gesture if it would move. them that ball movement for Pakistan Court, the Taliban will stop the talks would go ahead, the Taliban and the government in the present situation there is no point negotiating committees meeting., another member of the government committee Rahimullah Yusufzai says Taliban Committee will not end negotiations, the Taliban government committee has not been any demand, we only TTP Mohmand Agency incident is asked to explain. those that describe the Taliban in Mohmand Agency Committee meetings may be informal, the Taliban, Taliban commander Mullah Omar is no contact of any kind. Earlier, Taliban members said in a statement, Professor Abraham worldwide ceasefire for talks implementation is essential to both sides, those responsible for deadlock in negotiations to determine should be investigated.


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