Afghanistan of President Ashraf Ghani, to announced next year’s parliamentary elections

Afghanistan President  Ashraf Ghani

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani

Kabul … News Time

Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan’s president has announced that next year’s parliamentary and district council elections will be held. In a statement issued by the presidential palace said Ghani parliament and district council elections in Afghanistan will be in the middle of 2016. The statement said the election commission will announce the final dates. Afghan parliamentary elections were due in April this year but security concerns about holding free and fair elections, the political differences were postponed. In Afghanistan this month, opposition leaders formed a new coalition Ashraf Ghani, the new election of the president and to discuss the proposed changes to the constitution at the Loya Jirga is called. Analysts say the president promised to hold elections by Ashraf Ghani opposition and other areas is the result of mounting pressure the government is calling for the restoration of the political process. 5-year term of the current Afghan parliament was set to be 22 June 2015, a few days before the President through an executive order Ashraf Ghani parliamentary term was extended until the next election. Ghani’s decision several quarters had expressed strong displeasure and raised questions about the legality of the move. The postponement of the parliamentary elections in April last year, largely because of the irregularities in the presidential election was several months after the political crisis in Afghanistan were released. Afghanistan’s presidential election in June 2014. The second phase Candidate Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah both claim victory, while another was accused of fraud. That lasted several months; causing tension and disagreements eventually signed with the efforts of the United States under an agreement in September 2014 became President Ashraf Ghani while his chief rival, Abdullah Abdullah, the Afghan government to establish a new post of Chief Executive was still on which they are holding. Under the agreement, the two leaders agreed on the electoral reform but the lack of any progress in June parliamentary elections were postponed until the completion of reforms. Differences between the two factions in the national government still intact in which the reform process has not been any significant progress.


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