Afghan jihad and begging for peace

On December 23, 1979, the Soviet Union withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.

On December 23, 1979, the Soviet Union withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.

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On December 23, 1979, Prada reported that the Western media had fraudulently spread rumors that Russia had interfered in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and claimed that the Soviet Union had sent troops to Afghanistan. I have entered. Regarding this intervention, the Russian Politburo (Russian Parliament) thought that the intervention in Afghanistan should begin in the spring of April 1979. To implement this plan, General Pavelski, President of the Russian Political Administration, visited Afghanistan, which was a study tour. To further this project, General Pavelski surveyed Afghanistan. The arrival of General Pavelski indicated that a tragedy was imminent in Afghanistan. He also made a meaningful visit to Czechoslovakia in 1968. At that time he was the commander of the army. General Pavelski was the inventor of this project. The project was launched after the Politburo decided that Afghanistan should be conquered by force, but Russia faced a problem of lack of weapons and manpower. The solution to this problem lies with the military stationed in Central Asia

Russia, meanwhile, sent Lt. Gen. Victor to Afghanistan to find out the views of Hafizullah Amin, then president of Afghanistan. Victor’s main goal was to pave the way for Russian intervention. He mockly and artificially discussed issues of mutual interest and cooperation with the Afghan Interior Ministry. General Victor’s main goal was to pave the way for the Russian intervention in Afghanistan and to enlist the cooperation of the police so that the intervention could be successful and obstacles to its military operation could be removed. The other aspect of this strategy was to put pressure on Amin to pave the way for Babrak Karmal. He also wanted to force Hafizullah Amin to allow Russian troops into Afghanistan and kill him if the plan failed. Unfortunately, the shooting happened but Amin narrowly escaped. It was Paputan’s attempt to assassinate Hafizullah Amin, but Paputan failed in his mission, but surprisingly he was found dead on December 28. In addition, Russia has been secretly trying to oust Amin in order to achieve a military coup in Afghanistan.

The military operation in Afghanistan began with a special focus on gaining control of air and ground routes so that the occupying forces could be used properly and in a timely manner. After completing the operation, the army was sent to Bagram Airport, the most important airport in northern Kabul. In the second operation, Russia gathered its troops at the Salang Pass tunnel to take decisive action. Russia, on the other hand, spread false news that we have not taken any action in Afghanistan and the Western media is lying. Relations between Afghanistan and Russia have always been based on the principle of non-interference. The biggest proof of this is the December 23 editorial in the Russian newspaper Proda. According to the US intelligence report, the US has gathered a lot of information about the movement of Russian forces in northern Afghanistan. In this regard, Secretary-General Vanessa’s Chief Adviser to Russia Marshall expressed surprise and concern. Marshall initially thought Russian forces were conducting some kind of exercise, but later learned that several divisions of the army were present. However, it was later revealed that Russia was preparing for a military invasion of Afghanistan and that the move was not being carried out to help Amin, but was repeating history, as in Hungary and Action was taken to conquer Czechoslovakia. After the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, ordinary Afghans started armed resistance and raised the banner of jihad according to their history and defeated Russia in a shocking manner. After the withdrawal of Russia, the United States attacked with the forces of more than 40 countries. Today, it is begging for peace from the Afghan Mujahideen for an honorable withdrawal.


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