Acting US Attorney General fired against the immigration policy

Acting US Attorney General Sally Yates

Acting US Attorney General Sally Yates


US Attorney General established the Donald Trump Location Sally Yates has been fired for speaking against the controversial immigration policy. Sally Yates replaced Dana Boente, acting has been nominated for Attorney General. It was the first of more than 100 officials of the State Department became the acting US Attorney General Trump’s controversial immigration policy, calling it illegal. Says immigration lawyers fought not to be challenged. White House acknowledged that immigration policy angry disgruntled State Department personnel, or go home. More than 100 immigration officers turned against the US State Department. Some 20 million people are said to prevent the ban is not valid. The White House says State Department official acknowledged that immigration is either angry or go home. The US Justice Department has decided not to defend the trump immigration policy. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates says Trump order to understand legal. Immigration lawyers fought not to be challenged. US Senate judiciary committee voted today to appoint a new attorney general.


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