A close associate of the new female judge appointed to the US Supreme Court

Justice Amy Cone Barrett appointed new Supreme Court judge

Justice Amy Cone Barrett appointed new Supreme Court judge

Washington … News Time

The US Senate has officially appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett as the new Supreme Court Judge. She will take the oath of office in the Supreme Court on Tuesday after taking the oath of office in the White House. The vote for the judge’s seat was 52-48, with a four-vote victory appointing Justice Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court judge. Trump’s opposition Democrats have suffered a major setback with the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett as a judge because the judge concerned belongs to the Democratic Party and is considered Trump’s closest ally. Conservatives have a 6-3 majority in the US Supreme Court’s judicial body since a 48-year-old woman became a judge. Since this woman was nominated by Donald Trump, it is hoped that Donald Trump will definitely benefit from replacing Joe Biden in the next election. With the appointment of this woman judge, a situation is likely to arise if Joe Biden wins the election on November 3 and replaces Trump. So the worst period in the history of civil rights in the United States is about to begin because in the presence of these people, Americans, Africans will never be able to speak up for their rights. But it remains to be seen how Amy Cone Barrett will begin in the Supreme Court today after being sworn in, and where her sitting on the judge’s chair will lead Democrats and Republicans. It may be recalled that the appointment of Amy Barrett as a judge of the Supreme Court has been implemented at a time when the US presidential election campaign is in full swing and the decision of the new president is to be taken in a few days.


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