A bird remembers her enemy and attacked on him after ward

Antarctica is found in South Korea  skua bird

Antarctica is found in South Korea  skua bird

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A bird found in Antarctica who remembers his torture and the crowd turns on him and recognized him. Though not so common, but human access in Antarctica at a research station on Antarctica, South Korea Investigation department of birds discovered this feature called skua birds. If someone tried to nests, eggs or harassment, and persecution Skua is a bird and do not forget the debt he immediately attacked it. Remembers your bird eggs and faces of people who were close to the nest and strike. Although many birds, including crows behave the same way the first time revealed the potential skua. Brown skuas reminds visitors to only 2 to 4 times and has extraordinary potential of facial recognition. Korean scientists have conducted several experiments to experience and during one of the 2 people to go nesting birds and then told them to go in the opposite direction of the bird immediately ran toward the man attacked Turi.


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