800 Palestinian homes Israel approves controversial     

300 houses in the West Bank 'Beit El' settlement will be built

300 houses in the West Bank ‘Beit El’ settlement will be built


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday weekly cabinet meeting in the West Bank and Gaza as a whole, the quick construction of 800 houses is approved. 300 houses in the central West Bank city of Ramallah ‘Beit El’ while the rest of the colony will be built 500 houses to be built in East Jerusalem have been decided. The idea of ​​the West Bank by the Israeli cabinet ‘Beit El’ ghetto builds 300 Israeli Supreme Court in response to a decision being. On Wednesday the Supreme Court declared illegal houses in the colony 2 ordered the demolition. The government accepted the decision to demolish the houses 2 but with the construction of 300 houses have been announced. Foreign news agency ‘AFP’ the ‘Beit El’ houses in order after the army tried to demolish the houses of action if a conflict between settlers and police happened. Last month, the Israeli Supreme Court in its judgment ‘Beit El’ in the 2 houses to be built on Palestinian land, demolition ordered by July 30. Palestinian land owner Qassim Abdul Rahman said the demolition of houses built on its land in ‘Beit El ‘saw action. I am glad that today I have lost the right. This is my victory and the first drop of rain. This time the Jewish colonies on Palestinian corner have been built on land seized from Palestinians. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office issued a statement that the construction of houses in East Jerusalem and the West Bank with the promises that were made. The government announced the construction of these houses built 3 years ago, but was not approved. The statement said 500 houses in East Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo and Har Homa ‘will be made in several other colonies. He then made illegal colonies in West Jordan 4 million Jews in the 2 million Jews lived in Bethel. Israel’s construction of houses in the occupied Palestinian territories, the Palestinian Authority’s announcement is usually expressed anger. Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Hanan asrauy Israel announced the construction of houses south of the Jewish state declared expansionist aggression. According to reports from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also condemned Israel’s expansionist measures demanded to withdraw the decision.


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