72 years of Atom bomb attack on Japan, Japanese citizen you left

Atom bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the day of August 6, 1945

Atom bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the day of August 6, 1945

Tokyo … News Time

Japanese nation demonstrates immense civilization in its culture. In the morning meeting OhaiOGuzaimasu means greetings to the front by bowing to the state of the morning by saying morning greetings. While similarly in the afternoon meeting Konnichiwa is said to be welcomed by bowling until the position of Ruku while meeting in Syria, Kumbawa is said to be welcomed and tired, At present I was present in Japan’s industrial city Osaka, to meet my Japanese friend’s Japanese cousin, Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, while it is situated about 400 km from Tokyo, A Tokyo-based airplane and built-in train can be easily reached here, The elderly age in front of me would be 85 years old, but they were showing a lot of flavors,

Japanese elder Yas Ozawa was not only seen by his own eyes on the worst nuclear attack in Japan. Rather than those who were successful in Hiroshima, they were able to save their lives, The house built in the old style of Japan located at the west of Osaka city was in the best condition, The room in which we were divided Tatami was elegant, Tatami could be matched with the mat in Pakistan, Tatami has an extremely important significance in Japan, who reminds them of past and culture. Every house is conveniently decorated with Tatami, where the family members sit down or drink tea. We also sat in this room, after the initial introduction, I reviewed the personality of the Japanese elder Yas Ozawa, Fresh fresh shawls, woven hair extensions, face-to-face wings however, his person was Barab and the keeper, before us the Japanese Green T which was also called o-cha, Shortly after some silence, I discovered the history of the World War II about his memories about the worst American nuclear attack on humanity, For a moment, a moisture appeared in his eyes, It was felt that the elders were now present in Hiroshima better years ago,

A few minutes later, he was on the day of August 6, 1945, my age would be 13 years old, The people of Hiroshima, including me, knew that the second war is happening and Japan is also involved in this war but the daily routines of Japanese people were completely released, If the children were going to school, the elders were engaged in their business and jobs, so in women’s households, There was no feeling anywhere that would happen to be written in dark history in the history of the world, The elders cried once again after a moment, he said that we would be 6 o’clock in the morning. While the mother probably woke up before that, all that day was awake dad got ready and left for office at 7:00 pm, I ran to school with my younger brother who was at home 10,15 minutes, On that day, he had gone very good for 15 minutes while going home to school. I was in school along with my friends and younger brothers. Our routine was that if a rug is seen in the way, then all the friends are raising the trash and throwing them into the wreck. Used to think of their duty collecting some fragrant flowers from the traveling carriers and giving their teachers as gifts, We all were happy to see the beauty of our city Hiroshima, Even before 8pm, we reached our school and sat down in our classes Nobody knew what to do about Hiroshima’s breakdown after 15 minutes from now on. Earlier in the morning, the teachers used to hear the stories of victories and conquest of the Japanese forces in the classroom classes. And all the children used to rejoice in the success of their forces, On this day, in our class, the teacher was informing the children about the latest situation regarding war and in the meantime, such a massive explosion has been reported that it may not be possible for anyone to describe the blast resonance in words, The school window glasses were crushed, the blast damaged the school building too. The children were falling on the ground in the injured condition, the teachers standing in front of them some of his head felt like he was addicted to blood, Black smoke outside the school was present, nothing was visible while we were getting intoxicated hotly, And black smoke was growing over time, Did not know what happened, maybe our school was somewhat far from the blast therefore, some of us were saved from the life of children, After several hours of anxiety, when the eye opened, found itself in the same class between the injured and the children, no relief team reached us, I was unable to burn too lightly, I was missing a lot of my brother, my mother and father, not knowing what would happen to them.

More than a few hours later the relief team reached us, injured children were being shifted to the hospitals away from the city for medical assistance, The destruction of the city was not being seen, The buildings were ruined, the entire city was burning, the temperature was too high it seemed like someone had put it on a stroke, the bodies were burnt, Vehicles and buildings were burnt, nothing was left behind, Gulistan was offering a scene of cemetery, Many brothers and sisters who had been hospitalized several days had left the world in a nuclear attack. The parents met at a critical condition, the elders were listening to themselves in extreme trauma but I realized that more details could cause a deeper problem for them So I ended up here and thanked the lesson that the pride of Atom bombs should also be considered to be the loss of Atom bomb, which can result in the loss of human race.


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