59 People dies in Kenya after drinking Dettol to prevent Coronavirus

59 people die of coronavirus prevention diets

59 people die of coronavirus prevention diets

Kenya … News Time

59 People dies in Kenya after drinking Dettol to prevent Coronavirus according to details, at a church in Kenya, the pope told his loved ones that the only solution to avoid the Coronavirus was to drink detol where dozens of people were flogged in the church. 59 people were killed after drinking detol while 4 people are in critical condition. Kenyan police have taken the stand that the fate of all people was connected with the pope, taking advantage of which the pope persuaded them to drink. The number of drinkers is 63, but 59 of them have lost their lives. Four people were in the intensive care unit while the condition was critical. Different tips have been adopted in small and backward regions of different countries since the Coronavirus was lifted, but we will have to follow precautions until the vaccine is discovered. According to a report released by the World Health Organization, social media has no say in the facts.

The World Health Organization has responded to various assumptions linked to the Coronavirus. According to a World Health Organization statement, the virus cannot be saved by bathing with hot or cold water. There is no truth in the fact that the Coronavirus does not spread in hot areas, as well as the use of garlic does not prevent it from being used. Garlic, however, is beneficial to health. Prevention of Coronavirus is Just Need to Be Clean. Wash your hands frequently. Coronavirus can be avoided only by caution. The virus does not spread to mosquitoes and flies, avoid touching your mouth and eyes. The World Health Organization prohibits the spread of alcohol on itself and on clothing. The statement said that the use of waves to prevent the virus could cause allergies.


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