2018 election preliminary review

General elections in Pakistan will be held on June 25, 2018

General elections in Pakistan will be held on June 25, 2018

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General elections have started climbing in Pakistan, Intermediate governments have been established in the center and provinces, judges and judges in a province have been appointed as Caretaker Prime Minister and Chief Minister, A Bureau Crate in Sindh, a Trader in Balochistan and a Professor in Punjab. Dr. Hasan Askari has been ranked as the Chief Minister of the Caretaker. The strange thing is that the intellectual and a teacher face severe criticism, though his temper is humble and a fair mood owner of the personality, Everyone is heartbreaking, but the Muslim League has criticized them, although all the governments have been criticized, Where the party where the government was there, the party has been criticizing, For example, the rain arrows of the criticism of the PPP in Sindh are getting rain but it is safe and satisfied because the Bureau of Corro-Caretaker was appointed as Chief Minister, She is the favorite representative of both the government and the opposition, she will keep both happy, so she is also criticized. But he has become the Chief Minister of the Act, and has not interfered with anybody in the matter of becoming Chief Minister. Similarly, the PPP and the Muslim League (N) in which the Center made the Caretaker Prime Minister had to make a little less criticism.

But where the election commission came to the Election Commission, the criticized person was critically criticized this situation arises when opposition and ruling parties are unable to make any decision So, the Election Commission of the names which the opposition and the ruler have given One of them, whom the Election Commission understands better makes Caretaker Chief Minister. Whether it is from the ruling party or the representative of the opposition like Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the ruling party was nominated as Chief Minister and even in Punjab, the opposition given person was made the caretaker chief minister, which is a good choice if seen. It does not justify the criticism of the Muslim League (N), any judge and a wise person does not experience the rule even then, they did not make any difference in the election results and voting, but none of them could handle the bureaucracy, police, autonomy and pistol. So the effective person in any area will show his work and that is what the winners are saying if they are the candidates those people who have influence in their circle, have the ability to arrange bureaucracy and electoral staff, they also have the experience of gathering voters and voting their election cards, now it’s been that about 20 to 50 such people who have already been selected and still hope to be selected, they have joined the PTI if they win the dream of the majority of the Muslim League (N) will not be fulfilled and if the bureaucracy in Punjab remains, then the possibility of winning the League of League will be bright. And if the Caretaker Chief Minister changed the bureaucracy and made them neutral then the PML (N) will be blown, because the Bureaucracy in 2013 was directed by them, the confession of the time was confiscated by the caretaker Chief Minister Najam Sethi of Punjab despite all his efforts at his time, he could not neutralize bureaucracy.

The question is that Prof. Dr. What is the capacity of Hasan Askari that he is associated with the Muslim League (N) in the past 30 years of Bureaucracy? Because she can change her style and as far as Prof. Dr. Hasan Askari is eligible to take revolutionary measures, The intellectuals live in a scope of scope for lack of experience of governance anyway, I do not think they will be able to make a big change due to which the Muslim League (N) is so upset, however, this is possible if they have guidance from anywhere, that can be a large number of their students. Those who came to help them and tell them what is wrong and what is right and what kind of bureaucrat is towards the direction, but the time is very low, more changes can not be done under the election roll anyway.

A PPP-based bureaucracy is available to PPP in Sindh, with bureaucracy as opposed to them. But they are currently being seen out of the danger of danger and the political groups are expecting that the PTI, PPP and then the Numbers game will be the third party in the PML (N) it seems like a majority of the party did not come and the hanging parliament would come into existence however, MMA is also seen standing on fourth or third. In such a manner that the Parliament will come into force, there could be no alliance with the government. Now the ability to create such a coalition, besides PPP and PML (N), Imran Khan’s party is not seen in Tehreek-e-Insaf, maybe he can not express his ability to express this capability.

Imran Khan may probably harm his former wife Riham Khan from his book, but it seems that Rahim Khan’s book Imran Khan could not hurt so much as he thought because conditions and events are going on towards this which can pressure any action against Imran Khan, Although their words are severe, their allegations may be more harmful to Riham Khan or in any difficulty,

Sindh’s urban area party, MQM, still believes that people will not vote for anyone besides kite. Although the PPP and Jamaat-e-Islami will put their vote in the bank, what is the situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is to see that there is Caretaker Chief Minister a judge and PTI can defeat if everyone gets mixed in favor of PTI. Even though Balochistan’s former Chief Minister claims that he will get the majority but it’s about to see if they do that or not. However Jamiat Ulama Islam is well-placed there and there is no distinction that they should form a government together with their allies in one of the provinces of Balochistan or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. However, there is no definite thing in politics; it will tell you what the situation is the ghetto of the election has not yet started and the term is still far away.


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