100 Years of Independence Day of Afghanistan, Afghan president vows to crush Daesh

100 Years of Independence Day of Afghanistan

100 Years of Independence Day of Afghanistan

Kabul … News Time

President Ashraf Ghani, on the eve of the 100-year Independence Day of Afghanistan, has vowed to eliminate all safe havens in Daesh from the country. The American president made this statement in the context of a suicide bombing during a wedding ceremony in Kabul on Saturday, according to a report by the US news agency Associated Press. In which 62 people were killed and the local organization affiliated to Daesh claimed responsibility. The blast also injured 200 people.

On the other hand, a new wave of violence is witnessing in Afghanistan, according to Afghan officials. In Jalalabad, Monday, 66 people were injured in a series of bombings. After the incident, many angry Afghans are raising questions about whether Afghan citizens who have been fighting for the United States for 18 years will see peace in the event of an agreement between the US and the Taliban.

The suicide bomber blew himself up in the middle of the crowd at a wedding ceremony where everyone was dancing in joy, the organization affiliated to Daesh claimed responsibility and said it had targeted the Shiites. The bride and groom, however, survived the horrific explosion, the Afghan broadcaster told TOLOnews in an emotional interview. Mirwaiz Aliani said that within seconds his life had been ruined while the relatives of the victims feared that the funerals would not be targeted.

On the other hand, the Taliban’s harshly worded statement questioned why the United States failed to identify the attacker earlier in the week. In another statement, the Taliban, referring to Independence Day, said they should leave Afghanistan for the Afghans. So, on the one hand, where the US is hoping the Taliban will be helpful in dealing with the threat of Daesh in the event of an agreement. On the other hand, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that the Taliban were equally responsible for the attack on marriage. This shows that the Afghan government is clearly troubled by the wall in the reconciliation process.

Afghan president says we will avenge every citizen’s blood drops, our struggle against Daesh will continue and we will avenge them and root them out, to this end, he appealed to the global community for the cause as well. Ashraf Ghani added that there are militant safe havens across Pakistan across the border the intelligence agency has been accused of supporting the Taliban. On the other hand, there was a claim from a Daesh-affiliated organization that a Pakistani fighter was attacked in Kabul to obtain martyrdom.


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