100 days of the PTI government, government promises could not unite the opposition

100 days of the PTI government, government promises could not unite the opposition

100 days of the PTI government, government promises could not unite the opposition

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During the first 100 days of the new House of New Pakistan, PML-N and PPP could not hold a joint opposition on the other hand, government promises can not be fulfilled, in the House 28 meeting Prime Minister came to the House only 7 times, there was no legislation other than the Finance Bill, the government made several important decisions in short time, in 5 years, there was also a good news for making 5 million houses. The Constitution of the country has set the scale of democracy and democratic parliamentary system the performance of political governments in his light kept showing a disappointing political scene. The lesson of democracy is that Parliament should be made so effective and dynamic for decision-making and legislation that no citizen’s laws are largely ruled out. To be judged with everyone and no one is complaining about the retaliation, provinces should be given fair share in the national resources. The main needs of the people, providing them with cyber and food are the primary responsibility of the state and the government. Parliament is considered to be a collective intelligence organization where the elected representatives make decisions by prejudice and discrimination for the times of the nation’s intention, in August 2018, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), who had come uprightly, faced several political disadvantages during 100 days.

During the first 100 days of the new House of New Pakistan, PML-N and PPP could not hold a joint opposition on the other hand, government promises could not be fulfilled, and Prime Minister will come to a House every week and respond to members’ questions. During the 100 days, five working meetings of the National Assembly were held on 28 days. The official record shows that in the 28th meeting of the House Prime Minister had come to the house only 7 times, in this time the National Assembly could not play any significant role in the solution of the political, economic and public issues faced by the country. The opposition government could not establish 32 constituencies of Hanoi National Assembly because of which the house could not make any legislation other than the Finance Bill. The Bill passed in the National Assembly for approval of smoking.

By August 2018, the National Assembly passed 10 resolutions till November no more than the recommendations. On the political front, in response to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement, the opposition leader, Shahbaz Sharif’s stand was to give account of theft of the vote. Despite the repeated offer of container for protest movement by the prime minister, the opposition avoided the politics of agitation against the government. A major breakthrough in recent politics came to be seen when the start of 126 days of politics of politics in August 2014 in the first 100 days of its tenure of the PTI, the PTI failed November 25 to succeed religious elements. With the pledge of making new Pakistan, the Imran government focuses on promoting simplicity over 7 billion funds were collected in 100 days before the Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan’s efforts to form a water-saving Pakistan safe. While Bhasha Dam will require 1400 billion rupees, the water scenario is a heart attack and nervous skin. But for the living nations open the new door of trial. The government has taken several important and big decisions in short time, according to the neutral data in Pakistan, one million people are deprived of such basic facilities. Due to government’s uncertainty, the number of displaced persons is being increased every year to 7 million.

Government has given good news to make 50 million houses in 5 years. How will the economy worse than this economy raise? It is not clear that Parliamentarians consisting of two House members have been formed to investigate fraud in recent elections. This can be termed as the sole function of the current parliament. This expresses that the Government believes in the sovereignty of the Parliament. Providing equal representation to the opposition in the investigative committee was also overwhelming that the government wants to influence the investigation. The scenario of domestic politics has been a delight in the fact that civil society, judiciary and other national institutions are truly on one page. And the policy of cooperation with each other in the implementation of affairs is implemented a clear example of which came in view of October 2018 when Prime Minister talked about the sovereignty and democratic stability of the Constitution, the Chief Justice of Pakistan in a ceremony in a deliberate manner said Pakistan’s future is related only to democracy only. Similarly, the military leadership also said that democracy is the way forward. Being present on a single page of national institutions in the current regional and global context is happy for the better, democratic and fierce future of Pakistan.

A tremendous fact of our politics is that politicians announce economic and economic road map by ignoring economic disaster and ground realities. But they are unable to take practical form, while the people expect that the PTI government should fulfill the promises and slogans. And there should be no union, but to show stability, so that the credibility of the trust and trust of the people does not arouse.


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